Georgia O'keefe hands. Photo by Stieglitz

HANDKERCHIEFS make great gifts during the holiday season. You can find beautiful handkerchiefs for men and women at local vintage clothing stores, on line, and most department stores carry fine linen pocket kerchiefs in the men’s department. Wash your hands often throughout the day. At the very least wash before and after handling food, before eating (including snacks), after handling packages, animals, children’s toys, whenever someone around you is ill, shortly after shaking hands.

If you’ve got a cold but must work, do let people know right away.├é┬áDuring times when we’re in recovery mode encourage others to wash their hands often for added protection, along with washing your own. People will appreciate your concern about their well being. Kids tend to mimic adults for their example habits, whenever washing a child’s hands wash yours too. Children enjoy when it’s together with you rather then having it solely delivered as disciplinary instruction. Don’t be afraid to encourage others around you to wash hands too. Tactfully explain you’re doing a “good deed of the day” reminder to help prevent flu.

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