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Myths of mermaids is one of our earliest about planetary mysteries of oceanic life. As artist Martin Waugh puts it: “Throughout history, water has calmed the soul, soothed the spirit and healed the wounded. Martin’s free-flowing photography evokes images from rolling, rhythmic oceans to drops of water falling upon a lake, taking one on a…


HANDKERCHIEFS make great gifts during the holiday season. You can find beautiful handkerchiefs for men and women at local vintage clothing stores, on line, and most department stores carry fine linen pocket kerchiefs in the men’s department. Wash your hands often throughout the day. At the very least wash before and after handling food, before…

KITCHEN – Cleaning Tips

HARD BOILED EGGS: Add 2 tablespoons distilled vinegar for every quart of water to keep hard boiled eggs from cracking. It also makes them easier to shell. REMOVE ODERS from your hands that onion garlic or fish create if you rub apple cider vinegar on them, before and after you slice vegetables or clean fish….