Nanny in the beloved stories of Eloise, reminds us how important that role is in support of Childcare Services. A Nanny, Nanny Childcare or Governess may live in or out like other Domestic Help Workers, but more then any other staffing requirement directly affect the entire Family.

Nanny responsibilities and duties involve numerous things and quickly we see how varied Professional Skills that go along with Successful Excellent Childcare Services must be. One of the most important is to provide good open and candid communication with parents. Nannies, Childcare Providers, and Governesses, must inform parents in detail of each child’s developments, needs, or concerns. Sometimes there is a Baby Nurse or Nursemaid too. Communicate openly with all staff members towards optimal team work. Parents seek to hire Childcare and Babycare Services who have special expertise, excellent references, and continue to keep up with the latest trends. Browse our website:, or use Tell A Friend link to this blog. We also enjoy hearing from you at:

Households with Maids, Nannies, Housekeepers require Knowledge of preventive health care, such as not feeding kids too much sugar. Clients are focusing on the trend of buying Organic Foods (see additional tips on organic foods posted in our blog archives), whether for home, school meals, parties, or special events. Knowledge and wisdom are central to our JOBS so always be ready to learn more about childcare nutrition. Studies have shown that Parents and Childcare Workers need to know artificial food coloring is one of the most allergy and illness causing problems children are exposed to. Addiction to sugar, high fructose, and corn syrup that affect mood swings and child obesity has become an issue we need to learn more about. Such ingredients come with most processed foods. Preservatives added to packaged and canned foods may be the cause for a child diagnosed with illness like reoccurring flu or colds, Autism, ADD, HDAD, Asthma, a sleep disorder or upset digestion. Do keep track of how a child responds after eating. These and other maladies may be nothing more then reactions to chemicals added to make foods “look good”, or preserve them for longer shelf life. Don’t fall for it even if you’re rushed for time. Adults and children should minimize processed foods.

The Best Childcare For All Children is critical whether they’re ones you’re responsible for or simply visiting the household, including friends at school or play dates. Kids of all ages starting as babies are our greatest collective treasure. Do buy fresh food to at least greatly reduce a child’s processed food intake. You’ll see improvement and a Happy Child quickly. To Preserve fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator for up to two weeks use biodegradable bags (those green ones) specifically made to prevent foods from spoiling sold in grocery stores to extend shelf life. To learn more about well being for adults and children a publication I like is Well Being Journal, available in your health food stores or online.

Remind yourself consciously: You are a Special Guardian and Teacher for all Children, as part of your daily meditation. Teach them to take a moment each day with you to get quiet, close their eyes, and imagine a beautiful place with fairies, a magical zoo, outer space, or the mysterious ocean (etc.), with a double rainbow worked into each new adventure. Guide a different visualized story daily about traveling rainbows or some other theme you use to support their sense of a safe, loving, nurturing environment. Kids love continuity and consistency, they will re-visit playing with toys they thought were “outgrown” only to rediscover and enjoy them once again. Create a Scrapbook Of Imagination to glue visuals and bits of things as a favorite story they helped create, revisit to read aloud, or share with friends. Finding graphic images and photos online will help calm them down from the days hectic pace, while expanding their sense of wonderment. Your Energy will be greatly benefited too. Toys and video games are fun and stimulating but not the primary answer to expand and deepen a child’s Creative Imagination. Art projects are. We all need rest breaks, including kids. Art projects and creative play provide that while keeping them growing rather then being ‘parked’ in front of a TV, a temptation even for parents to ignore. My opinion is turning off the TV constitutes a good deed for the day!

Register at our website here: Nannies Needed in Los Angeles to learn more about our staffing services. Usually the Employer, Personal Assistant or Estate Manager oversees the Childcare Worker. If they’re unfamiliar with things you know, help them learn. Our Best Advice is to give only your very best, and the world will always give its golden gifts back to you. We exist in Magic. A leap of faith, a courageous heart, and love are the good raw ingredients to bring into all childcare.

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