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From all of us at ISA staffing to those who are looking for a job working in homes, or household help, or you need someone in the domestic help field to work for you, or are simply browsing our domestic help staffing blog, we wish to extend everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY today! You can Contact us…

NEW YEARS – 2010 resolutions

As we enter a new era (a 21st century challenge), the picture It’s A Wonderful Life comes to me with some nostalgia. Memories of the great actor James Stewart includes his ability to make the average American be presented as a real human being (as opposed to the shallow “15 minutes of fame” pursued today),…

PETS – Lost Prevention and Training

Many of our clients have animal trainers and pet-care staff they hire for their beloved animal companions. In our wonderfully reclusive and animal friendly canyon where we live (both wild and tame), we’ve had to rescue lost animals to keep them from harm too often. Some of our neighbors are unconscionably neglectful, repeatedly losing their pets….