NEW YEARS – 2010 resolutions

As we enter a new era (a 21st century challenge), the picture It’s A Wonderful Life comes to me with some nostalgia. Memories of the great actor James Stewart includes his ability to make the average American be presented as a real human being (as opposed to the shallow “15 minutes of fame” pursued today), with genuine worries, loving families, and concerns pertaining to his/her survival all of us share (see more on Stewart in our gallery)

movie classic It's A Wonderful Life poster

movie classic It's A Wonderful Life

Watching the depraved greed and callous disregard of men like Mr. Potter in that film, a character epitomizing the worst of traits, still sends chills up your spine knowing we’re in the throws of this same situation today. Only this time, the entire world is on the brink of collapse, a disaster imminently waiting to happen sooner then later. Don’t let it. Make every effort you can to involve yourself in our response to those who seek to destroy us (in their zeal to destroy all decent life and true value). Vividly portrayed in the little short above (with scenes taken from this great movie classic), watch It’s a Wonderful Life to remind us of true values our banking system and economic concerns have yet to deal with. TIP – if you haven’t seen  James Stewart films yet, you’re in for a treat, and if you have, see it again, then raise your voice to speak out in protest. James Stewart was also the Brigadier General (and Air Force military man), who proudly chose the roles he played to reflect his values.  My mother and I fondly recall what a wonderful man he was, a true gentle-man, and one of our most favorite clients.

On another note, we wish everyone a WONDERFUL NEW 2010 with all of the promise it holds entering a new decade. We can, and do, make a difference. Each of us in our own special way, when we help one another. Come see us in the New Year or register with us online. We’d love to help your efforts to find a great new job, and if you’re an employer who wishes to give us a job order, we have the best top candidates ready to work to satisfy all your domestic help staffing needs. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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