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Jason Hackenwerth Balloon Art According to recent studies it took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people, TV – 13 years, and remarkably, Facebook reached 100 million in 9 months. But I say everyone loves balloons which first reached us in childhood parties, and carnivals that sparked our imaginations without limits or “following trends”….

NEW YEARS – 2010 resolutions

As we enter a new era (a 21st century challenge), the picture It’s A Wonderful Life comes to me with some nostalgia. Memories of the great actor James Stewart includes his ability to make the average American be presented as a real human being (as opposed to the shallow “15 minutes of fame” pursued today),…


Today, on Thanksgiving, as this painting by Salvador Dali so beautifully reveals, the shock of recognition is eternally real. Gratitude starts with recognition that things are not only real, they can also be surreal. See more at the DALI MUSEUM, and at Virtual  DALI to ponder and enjoy inspired feelings of surreal ingenuity. Put yourself…