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April 27, 2011: HOUSE MANAGERS AND ESTATE MANAGERS work jobs hired from ISAstaffing to work in Job Orders located in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Hollywood Hills, Bel Air, West Los Angeles and Greater Los Angeles Area, to Orange County, Santa Barbara and Ojai, must have excellent qualifications. Some jobs involve locations domestically and…

FUTURE JOBS – changes in domestic staffing

The study of Exoplanets (over 700 candidates discovered since 1995), is one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of modern astronomy ( more on exo-planets here). For those who don’t know, an exoplanet is one with conditions similar to Earth, friendly for life, and ones we’re seeking to create as future habitats for mankind….


Eloise Nanny in the beloved stories of Eloise, reminds us how important that role is in support of Childcare Services. A Nanny, Nanny Childcare or Governess may live in or out like other Domestic Help Workers, but more then any other staffing requirement directly affect the entire Family. Nanny responsibilities and duties involve numerous things…