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Exo Planets photo: Queens University Belfast

The study of Exoplanets (over 700 candidates discovered since 1995), is one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of modern astronomy ( more on exo-planets here). For those who don’t know, an exoplanet is one with conditions similar to Earth, friendly for life, and ones we’re seeking to create as future habitats for mankind. Some of our clients could afford to have their own planet, and are looking to the Cosmos as their next vacation trip!, and we’re ready to staff jobs anywhere in our galaxy and beyond (no, really).

What does this mean to our Jobs and new frontiers? Like in the days of the Wild West, we continue to evolve and change. Everything is different, we’re on the brink of a totally new world adventure. Don’t hesitate to take a job in a location elsewhere then what you had in mind, sometimes a new neighborhood can be more fun!

Macau's Four Seasons Five Star Hotel

At ISA staffing we know that Jobs appear suddenly materialized out of the ethers. The best Job Offers come to us because we’re the original and renowned household work staffing agency, so register with us now to be prepared for interviews even if you’re not currently looking.

TIP – If you’re a Chef looking for work in private homes, be sure to keep up with latest trends. Some of the most innovative work is happening in restaurant decor and food experience as a combined food tableau. Macau will give Las Vegas a run for its money, setting trends in architecture and exotic vacation getaway spots, new culinary delights brought there by master Chefs.

Pea Jellie Banana & Ice Cream - from restaurant elBulli by Ferran Adrià Â

As new dreams are created, so will the new work to take us higher — A Space Age of The Twenty-First Century. Chefs are already creating works of art as food we’ve never seen before, alchemical, sublime, and looking as if it belongs in The Alien Bar in Star Wars. Recently at The Grove Farmers Market, I saw visitors from Japan buying all the fruit their eager hands could reach. We have amazing produce all year round, and without effort, have everything at our finger tips to make fabulous food.

Despite the economy and restaurants closing left and right, new ones continue to pop up like popcorn. Menu offerings explore new themes of innovative flavors and drinks with beautiful presentation, artistry as we’ve never seen before. Like our domestic help employment agency, a notch above the rest.

Food glamour continues to grow just as Cirque de Soleil sets the high bar for new shows. Don’t be afraid to merge with transitional times. Whether the food is simple or high art, remember that great flavor, healthy, and innovative is key. If you have top references and excellent work experience, send us your application and resume, we’d love to get you your dream job.

Food inspires, food is art, cook for joy. I am reminded by a beautiful and most apropos Poem by Sri Chinmoy.

Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest

Sweet is my Lord. Him I have realized as the Eternal Truth.
Sweeter is my Lord. Him I have realized as the only Doer.
Sweetest is my Lord. Him I have realized as the Enjoyer Supreme.

— by Sri Chinmoy

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