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SPROUT baby food is designed for Healthy Eating and is also ECCO friendly

Some of you may not know that Food Network Chef father of three, Tyler Florence, created a baby food line called SPROUT. When baby is hungry there isn’t always time to cook from scratch, so Employers and Household Workers rely on standby baby food.

SPROUT products are from organically grown ingredients. The packet turns into a bowl for serving, is Ecco Friendly, and expands the limited variety of off-the-shelf. Great to see  more Chefs creating organic products out there. SPROUT store locations

Little Kitchen sells kids products that ship in great boxed packaging

For Kid Chef outfits try skull and crossbones as fun novelty Chef Hats offered in other terrific print selections. Or try aprons for boys with rocket, cowboy, or outer space themes (among other products sent in a cool gift box) from Little Kitchen in Australia. For those cute adult Beanie Chef Hats (my favorite style), try a uniform supply house, and have a Household or Estate Logo monogrammed including your dining linens, or to distinguish your kitchen menus and party events. Many Chefs don’t wear hats today but it’s not happy making to find hair in food (which turns up every once in a while despite the best intentions.) Unless you’re Anthony Bourdain who will eat anything, including rusty whatever (I love his crazy daring), it could get you fired, so don’t risk it.

Speaking of food related TIPS (see more at our SITEMAP), Chefs, Cooks, Employers and Clients of our domestic help staffing services wonder if it’s safe to eat GM foods. It’s good to have heads up about changes to our laws because we’re no longer constitutionally guaranteed against genetically modified food. All of us dine at restaurants. Even the finest with the highest safety ratings purchase from distributors who deliver unlabeled food. After you read these TIPS please forward this critical information to others. Send them Our Best Advice. TIP – Corn and Soy are two feed lot foods for animals, foul and fish. They are GM foods unless the manufacturer labels it organic. See more about this deadly food at Doctor Mercola website.

the Beanie Chef Hat style

October and on 10/10/10 we celebrate non GMO food month to alert everyone. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) doesn’t think you should eat GM foods (and why I keep repeating the word deadly). They reported that “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM foods,” including infertility, immune disorders, immune related allergies, accelerated aging, hormone disruption, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and gastrointestinal system. If that doesn’t alarm you then you must be one of the few who has perfect health and everyone around you does too. No way, when the AAEM asked all physicians to advise patients to avoid GM foods. TIP: This is serious cautionary advice Chefs and Cooks could also maintain, please educate your Employers.

You can tell GM foods by their PLU sticker. In the United States, GMO products are not required to be labeled so it’s far more difficult to eat a GM-free diet. Look at the numbers on the product. A four digit number means conventionally grown food. A five digit number that begins with 9 means Organic. And the worst, a five digit number that begins with 8 is GM deadly Frankenfood. Don’t buy it, don’t eat it!

I’ve recommended in our TIPS before that you download the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, issued by the Institute for Responsible Technology. They also offer some helpful advice for how to avoid GMO’s when eating in restaurants. Dr. Mercola (who gives some of the best medical TIPS around), recommends that everyone see The Future of Food as one of the most important eye-opening videos on this subject.

baby Emma in her Chefs Hat at Bishops Aprons products we see on The Food Network

We urge you to forward these TIPS to everyone you know. Send Our Best Advice even if you’re aware about these issues, because your friends, colleagues, and Employers may not be. And take care of all future Chefs to come like baby Emma!

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