food art entitled GAGA by artist Ju DuoqiÂ

FOOD ART for Event Planning go together in making a memorable party, but is also an important theme for celebrating food, as well as giving a sustainable message of its impact on our lives. These clever Chinese Cabbage works by artist Ju Duoqi are great examples. Born in China, Duoqui worked as a website and game designer until turning to becoming a freelance artist. Her art is also featured at the Brighton Photo Biennal 2010 in UK currently underway. They inspire design, food themes, and invitations for an occasion centering around food.

Food Art is also a perfect way to send a Thank You in appreciation of being invited. See the Lollypop Bouquet selections at WiNK WinK PONY among their other novelty sculpture out of this Brooklyn studio. These whimsical works make a fun gift to send your hosts before or after an event. As recyclable art (made from clay, wood, moss), they can be the perfect gift after being used for a party, as giveaways or items for charity auctions. Look for Rosemary Milkshake, another cute item. A Giraffasauraus, she’s a designer who designs her own spots on Lollipop Hill. Or go to your local clay house and make your own sculpture for Charity Events you support. Sweat Equity can be fun, and an inexpensive way to lift the spirit. Clay Zen therapy.

We blogged previously October is also no GMO month. Make it a central theme in your events to feature [No GMO] in your food art statements, and donate to organizations devoted to preserving a healthy food supply. Those hardworking garden insects need natural organic fertilizer, not more pesticides.

Lollypop Bouquet sculpture from WiNK WiNK PONY

Make your money work for you and discover the power of micro loans. Even if you’re out of a job, a charitable donation of a few dollars moves mountains of help that circulates to keep others going during tuff times.

Microlending website Kiva will now expand its program to grant loans to college students across the world, and USC’s own Kiva chapter plans to help make that happen. Lenders can now give as little as $25 to students, and give them the opportunity to gain essential skills through higher education or vocational training. For Event Planning you can combine using a percentage of donations received for purposes of microlending as a theme.

Make an effort to stay away from materials that aren’t biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable, and look for artists studios to purchase from instead of conventional retailers.

For KIDS EVENTS, have a local school participate in a fun project to have students make food art out of found objects for the party decor. Post photos on your favorite social networking websites how the art was used as a community recycling effort. It cuts down costs spent on new decorations and combines a community outreach involvement. There are endless reasons and possibilities to use food art recycling as a theme, so show your process from beginning to end  online to give others TIPS how you did it. If you need workers for your Party Event contact our office.

chinese cabbage art by Juoqi

Over the many years at ISAstaffing of finding people work, we often receive unexpected delights that Chef’s we’ve placed drop off at our office. It’s not only a wonderful surprise we greatly appreciate, but a clever way to show off their food art skills. Don’t be shy in taking a proactive approach to let others know how good your goodies are! Wear something fun or outrageous and create a memorable impression and backdrop for any event.

If you’re a household worker with great references we’d love to find you a dream job. Even if you’re working it’s good to register with us online to update your file, and have us keep you in mind for future jobs in the domestic help field.

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