Araucana Chickens produce green eggs in a beautiful dusty sage color that ranges from khaki green to light blue

Our clients who hire Chefs and other staff from us are food connoisseurs, vegetarians and vegans, or have other restricted dietary needs. We love helping them with our renowned staffing referrals. Many households today require that only organically grown food be purchased. It’s also important to know that Salmonella poisoning affects the elderly, pregnant women, and children the hardest (as being life threatening).

Some Chefs take no chances, they strictly follow government regulations buying only pasteurized eggs, yet there are differing opinions on whether that’s actually safest or healthy to eat. According to American Egg Board comments, there have been warnings of a small chance against consuming raw or lightly cooked eggs that may be contaminated with Salmonella. Note the words small chance (the ratio is 1 in 8000 eggs). So our first TIP today: Buy Local Eggs from your outdoor farmers markets, their production averages 100 eggs or less a day (per vender), and kids love an outing if you’re a Employee who does the household shopping too. Apply for domestic help work here.

The Wednesday Market locals eating summer seasonal goodies

Take another TIP from Chefs purchasing from outdoor markets/small family farms/coops, you can set up relationships with venders and call your order in ahead. Big Agra Farms promote pasteurization and irradiation as being “safer” in lieu of providing humane and clean growing conditions. That’s untrue, it actually devitalizes our food according to clinical studies, so boycott big agra products to get our message consumers won’t tolerate it. Consumer choice is under attack with both conservatives and liberals fighting the Obama administration’s new agricultural and food policies. Regardless of what your political leanings, this is an issue all parties can agree is unconstitutional that strikes at the very heart of our freedom.

At ISA we’re for good old fashioned common sense as our first go to tech. The national egg recall of more than half a billion eggs from two giant Big Agra growers brought attention to 1,500 cases of salmonella poisoning (Salmonellosis). TIP: The older the eggs the thinner the shells, which may provide the perfect environment for salmonella contamination to set in — so only buy the freshest eggs, as our grandmothers knew. My grandmother lived to be 96 years young. She passed away naturally and beautifully, without taking any medication. Some of my best food TIPS come from her and my father. Rarely did they go to doctors preferring to treat themselves with all but forgotten knowledge known as sophisticated folk medicine. It’s my opinion we each have to challenge doctrine sold to us as “true”. Ask yourself if it really is or is someone invested in you believing that, you’re the best most unique authority in your life.

vintage FRESH EGGS sign

You can also find hormone free eggs at our oldest Los Angeles Farmers Market, a favorite of both locals and tourists (see video). See more on Locavores buying in our previous TIPS. And learn about an interesting specialty food Araucuna Eggs Online and the rare chickens who lay green eggs. Located in Santa Monica and a Chefs favorite, The Wednesday Market runs out of green eggs quickly, so make sure to get there early or order ahead as Chef’s who favor them do. Another local outlet carrying family farms specialty foods is Coopertunity, also a members only Santa Monica coop. Needless to say, our golden California weather provides us with amazing open air market selections in every neighborhood, so check your local listings.

OK, so where does that leave us in the debate? Well, aside from my preference for flavorful green eggs (that have been around since the 16th century, and I must have loved them at least since then), I’m also reminded of Two Eggs Florida, where “We have no city government, no city taxes, no city services and no city attitudes”, as they tell it, and where they have a forlorn ghost around Bellamy Bridge, if you ever road trip through there… But I digress (because there is so much interesting stuff to know!)

Two Egg road sign

Two Egg road sign promises quaint adventure

Seriously, the egg food scare made everyone nervous, but we need to deal with this together and not give in to  unlawful government legislation and fear mongering.  I love raw egg products and have been eating them for years (consumed in Europe without any debate) preferring my meals gourmet prepared for style and health combined. It’s been extensively shown that eating raw food as Mother Nature creates will cure most maladies. Chefs are incorporating raw meals for Employers at their request as a popular food trend. There is absolutely no law that could deny anyone a Right To Choose food.

The Amish grow/trade/sell organically grown foods among themselves since the formation of our country founded upon rights constitutional law guarantees. Because of their strict adherence to their dietary and medical beliefs, they have some of the lowest childhood illness rates, and almost no autism cases in their community (you can confirm this research online). Thomas Jefferson warned that when government controls your food rights, the end of freedom is near.

from Arianna Huffington about the tragic loss of our American Middle Class

Our client Ariana Huffington has a new book entitled Third World America (currently doing her book tour), a title we could all weep over. We don’t discuss our clients and their public activities because of confidentiality we voluntarily maintain on their behalf, but this is public knowledge and we’re currently facing a situation many are confused over. It’s not an issue of right or left, rather, this is one of the most ignorant regressions in History.

A great example of how to peacefully deal with it was creatively demonstrated by a freedom advocate from Pasadena, known as the Peace Pilgrim. She was a courageous heart-full peace warrior born in Egg Harbor City (no, I’m not making it up). As Peace Pilgrim put it so beautifully:

Peace Pilgrim walking for peace in Hawaii in the 1980's

“In order for the world to become peaceful, people must become more peaceful. Among mature people war would not be a problem – it would be impossible. In their immaturity people want, at the same time, peace and the things which make war. However, people can mature just as children grow up. Yes, our institutions and our leaders reflect our immaturity, but as we mature we will elect better leaders and set up better institutions. It always comes back to the thing so many of us wish to avoid: working to improve ourselves.”Mildred Lisette Norman – aka: Peace Pilgrim

So whether you’re Vegetarian, Vegan, or All Food Foodie, support our local family farmers and outdoor markets passionately! Don’t be frightened, get informed, involved, and proactive. Maintain food safety and preserve our right to retain our constitutional freedom of Right To Choose. Send Our Best Advice for others to learn our TIPS. Thanks!

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