Vintage Valentine Cards remind us that Humans have been giving each other love covenants seemingly forever. Go green with LOVE this Valentine's Day.

Vintage Valentine Cards remind us that Humans have been giving each other love covenants seemingly forever. Go green with LOVE this Valentine's Day.

On this Valentine’s Day, Go “Eco” and “Romantic!” It is my understanding there is no such thing as a “selfish gene” as Richard Dawkins (the renowned genome scientist) believes. Love transforms all, and all exists in love first including “selfishness”, which is merely an aspect of ignorance as a fear based separation illusion. So my advice for this Valentines Day is to love more deeply, and our HOT TIP for today is to Go GREEN with LOVE on Valentine’s Day and every day.

In these hard economic times when so many are deprived of so much we all could put out extra effort to share the love broadly. What we can do is to create or give gifts that have minimal impact on our environment. This Valentine’s Day follow tips that keep the planet alive and also restore harmony. Hand made gifts are always so cool and takes it up as a more memorable exchange. Take photos of yourself making the gift and include a small handmade photo album with love notes as part of your present. Hand made “eco friendly chocolates” from recipes found on line are easy if chocolate is your thing.

Make an extra gift for a stranger as “potlatch”, the Native American Indian ritual of “give away”. Give a gift to someone you don’t know on the street as you pass them by, or donate to an organization that supports eco friendly giving. Don’t forget “Fair Trade bubbly” to go with your love if Champaign is your thing.

Avoid candles made of petroleum paraffin that produce soot and release harmful benzene and toluene chemical toxins. Find natural beeswax or soy candles with a wick that has no lead insert in it. Sexy and romantic can also be green. Forget the dozen red roses and buy a baby tree, or organic herbs that you both can plant in your lovers back yard together. Offer to cook the herbs in a memorable meal and give them a LOVE MEAL IOU included with your gift.

Take a romantic stroll around your neighborhood and spend time getting to know your neighbors by sharing the love. Leave them a treat in their mailbox with a Valentine’s Card. Don’t forget the age old “Breakfast In Bed” we all love; a gift that’s pocket friendly too.

vintage art deco valentine card

vintage art deco valentine card

Give handmade Valentine’s Cards made with recycled paper. A great way to recycle grocery bag brown paper is to cut it up and turn it into hand crafted cards you paint and glue meaningful things onto. Use eco-friendly glue! Organic cotton T-shirts with your declaration of love painted on it can replace your Valentine’s Card. Roll it up and include a poem of love painted on a large green leaf from your garden. Have your significant other insert the leaf into a book with other books kept on top for a month, and it will dry out beautifully preserved.  If you’re good with computer graphics, you might design a photo collage made up of green hearts or wild grass or green flowers of love. Print it on nice paper and insert it into a frame you’ve made. Or, you can give a micro-loan in someone’s name included into your Valentine’s Day card through an organization like Kiva, an amazing and highly effective program helping small businesses to get started all over the world. Micro-loans as grass roots program will help get us out of global recession and likely become the permanent way of social networking economics.

As we know, this is a small planet in a big back yard we call the Cosmos. Think Cosmic Valentines. Rather then a day of celebrating love, give it up daily — offer it up “Eco” and “Romantic!”

Have A Happy And Green Valentine’s Day!

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