Temple Grandin provides an informative way to help create the happiest life for our animals in her book Animals Make Us Human. Drawing on latest research and her own work, Grandin identifies some core emotional needs of animals including dogs, cats, farm and zoo animals, and explains how to fulfill them. Grandin’s work teaches us to challenge our assumptions about animal contentment and offers advice on how to provide the healthiest environment for all kinds of animals by learning to recognize their needs.

Ceasar Millan, takes a different approach, but also very informative. Many have recommended his show, The Dog Whisperer, you may already be familiar with. The show features many different types of dogs, some you may have never seen before. The issues Millan deals with appear to be seemingly endless! He always has great tips for how to approach a variety of issues you will find interesting, even if you don’t own a dog. Knowing how to deal with dogs is helpful in case you run into a disagreeable or hostile dog. You don’t need to have one to learn and be prepared. It could save your, or a child’s life, another human, or animal. A great way to make new friends too!

Vet Visit Tips

Fear of falling off the table is the main cause of nervous pets at the vet’s according to Temple Grandin. To make things easier, bring a non-stick mat for your animal to stand on. Don’t make jerky motions. If you have a bath mat that the pet is familiar with, that works really well. Hold the animal snugly (but not too tight) during the exam. Allow 20-30 minutes for a panicked animal to calm down.

doggie hamock
doggie hammock

“just 5 more minutes”

For Animals And Kids

Deep pressure and being “wrapped” is calming. Children might like to wrap themselves or be wrapped in blankets burrito-style. Crawling under a cushion or pillows when a child needs calming works great, or they may simply find it soothing. This could help a child go to sleep. Be careful to ensure there is always breathing room and open source for oxygen. Also helpful for animals that love to get embroiled in blankets and pillows, as anyone who’s got pets knows.

Research tips:

When you need to go beyond Google, try these research tools:

1) Pubmed –

2) –

3) Google scholar –

No matter how serious or unnerving animals may behave, they usually can be rehabilitated if we are committed to working on it. There are unending insights into dog and animal behavior for guidelines to keep you sane, and your animal lovable, or to just simply express our compassion for the creatures on this amazing planet we inhabit.

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