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According to Seeds of Change®, ( ),  the company was founded in 1989 with a revolutionary mission that was not only prescient but also visionary. Their purpose and goal was to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable, organic agriculture (including the preservation of heirloom seeds), which modern advances of industrial farming were quickly causing to become extinct. By cultivating and disseminating an extensive range of organically grown vegetable, flower, herb and cover crop seeds, they have honored and remain devoted to that mission for twenty years. Our TIP for today is for everyone to grow at least one vegetable or fruit from seed in support of this effort. I encourage you to visit this website, purchase and grow from seed, and share their food and seeds with your family, neighbors, and friends. Write a note with your gift explaining why everyone should begin this trend. Or at the very least, buy a small herb, fruit, or vegetable plant and give that as a gift for others to enjoy and grow. Share seeds and plants with colleagues at your office or work place. Our lives depend on it.

Not until very recent times did we have the technology to create cross breeding of plants and species. The result has been that genetically engineered seeds (GMO seeds no longer in their original DNA state) have gone into our food supply. Genetically modified organisms (also known as genetically modified foods), are owned and controlled by companies and special interest groups who seek to control our food bank. This insanity was approved and done with no clinical study of long-term affect to our bodies and ultimate survival. However, recent studies are already documenting the adverse affects to our lives. The findings showed that 40% of children in the U.S. are very allergic to fruits and vegetables. The study used the word very allergic. It was attributed to the foods having been cross-bred outside of the normal hybridization process.

Photo courtesy of Michael Abelman. Copyright: Michael Abelman

Photo courtesy of Michael Abelman. Copyright: Michael Abelman

Organic means the seeds have not been genetically modified and engineered by cross breeding between specie groups. Not just that it has not been sprayed, or had chemical fertilizers added during the growth process as most people think the word “organic” is limited to mean. Hybridization of plants has gone on for thousands of years. Michael Abelman is a true warrior on behalf of organic seeds and farming ( ). Browse his website for upcoming events (usually given at a local University or School) and make it a point to be there if at all possible. Take someone you know or go alone. His books make great gifts, with wonderful photos that are featured on his gallery page as examples from his work. Abelman is a great resource about the affects of local farming for community organizing. His website provides much to learn about starting with Fairview Gardens, an urban farm located in Goleta, California he founded. This 12-acre organic farm is situated among some of the most expensive real estate in the U.S. Abelman is a great farmer/photographer/author, as well as having been and remains one of the visionary inspiration for thousands of people worldwide.

bagful of goodies are preserved with seeds of change

bagful of fresh goodies - seeds of change

GMO foods are not real food. According to Seeds Of Change® (also offering great learning tips about seeds/gardening) in their own words their mission is: “to offer home gardeners and professional growers the highest quality seed varieties, combining superior agronomic traits with beauty, flavor and nutrition. With the relentless consolidation within the agriculture industry, declining natural resources, and the industry’s focus on crop yield and handling characteristics over food quality, our mission resonates more than ever. Our organic seeds represent a starting point for change. They epitomize the best of our genetic heritage and are well-adapted for the low-input, sustainable gardening and farming of the future.” These words embody a devotion to humanity’s well being above all, as the driving force and ethics of their foundation. There is no such commitment, or even interest or intention to provide it in GMO companies mission statement, who solely seek profit at any cost. Become proactive about this issue for it concerns critical legislation for our times, our kids and their children’s health, our sustainability and freedom of choice. Enormous amounts of money and political clout goes to block efforts of folks like Seeds Of Change and Abelman by GMO cartel and their lobby groups. We must hold them accountable for the havoc and harm they cause to our food supply, the economic ramification they create to our prosperity, and the future hanging in the balance.

Thousands of books over thousands of years have proposed various theories regarding what the worlds “change” agents have been– and how they created or influenced history. Staying with our seeds theme, among them is Henry Hobhouse, who wrote Seeds of Change: Five plants that transformed mankind. Hobhouse proposes and selects five plants as the origin of transforming the world as the key agents of change. Regardless of whether one fully agrees he makes some interesting correspondences. Hobhouse attempts to give an insight on how mankind’s discovery, usage and trade of sugar, tea, cotton, potato, and quinine (which was used medicinally to treat Malaria among other benefits) influenced shaping our world. In his second edition he added the cocoa plant to his list. This book paints an interesting picture of how that change affects our diverse cultures globally to date.

The above tips should get you started if you’re not already there. The public is largely unaware of the trimendous adverse results having become convinced these measures are “for the good of the people”. Do not be influenced or fooled by foods which have a “longer shelf life”, are “larger and pretty”, or sold as “natural” in lieu of the word organic. These are foods far removed from their original DNA containing the energy and electrical code (yes all living things have that), which we need to grow and survive. Please make an effort to be part of the change and sign up to receive newsletters, join organizations, become active in your community, and take any step you can contribute and participate in this historic moment. We must preserve our seed bank or we shall perish. Spread the word, and sow and spread the seeds!


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