Love You Mom!

Organic Style sweet sugar cookies for mom

Organic Style sweet sugar cookies for mom

A Tasty SWEETS Tribute to your mother can come from certified organic crisp sugar cookies by Organic Style. Packed in a handy reusable tin with some of the proceeds from each purchase going towards green projects. TIP for today is give mom a gift that is sweet and green. Make every opportunity to gift GREEN.

See some of the great mom’s being honored at The Heart of Green Awards recognizing individuals and organizations that “help green go mainstream — taking it to the heart of the American people”.

We have a new direction for GREEN that’s taking the world by storm. A fast growing movement with amazing creativity and innovation taking root, blooming, and growing in unprecedented ways. No longer the memory of a 60’s movement and retro identification, the GREEN movement has supporters of all ages, status, and income brackets.

It’s inspirational to see First Lady Michelle Obama, one of the best mom’s around, take GREEN to the White House. This First Lady is definitely taking things in a new direction at the most media covered and watched “HOUSE” in the world. Michelle Obama is creating stiff competition worldwide to match her gardening challenge: she launched The White House new organic vegetable garden. The garden is based on Organic Practices, which means that while the dirt is not officially certified organic (it has a history of pesticide use), yet all planting, growing, harvesting and cultivating methods practiced for this garden will be. That’s a lasting and profound symbolic undertaking millions will profoundly be affected by. It means that organic has been sanctioned by the White House as viable and worthy of our commitment as a nation. Big Agra is upset.  Their interests, big lobby and special interest groups, is chemicals– not mother nature. But this Sunday is a celebration of all MOTHERS, and that includes Mother Nature. Nature and Nurture is undeniably the best combo of all.

One of our most renowned clients (who cannot be named due to confidentiality we maintain for all of our clients still living) would only hire a Chef with expertise necessary to plan and oversee a large organic garden. A part of the job description, this requirement extended to the corporate needs of working with the corporate Chef, who was mandated to maintain healthy food practices for the daily fair served to employees in the company restaurant. We’re talking about feeding over 1500 employees daily at their headquarters location, part of the many perks of working for this great company. All Chefs seeking employment today would benefit from taking organic gardening classes to learn more about how they can contribute to their employers healthy needs. We can all do more growing of our foods, and not rely so much on store bought products.

Some MOTHERS never had children, yet are SPIRIT MOTHERS caring for others, children, animals, the land, a viable future, and so much more. We celebrate all MOTHERS, SPIRIT MOTHERS, and MOTHER NATURE! And don’t forget, a sweet THANK YOU kiss on the cheek for every mother, is the best gift of all.


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