According to reports from Washington ‘Barack Obama is blocking out nearly an entire afternoon (June 19, 2009) to promote the importance of being a good dad as a national priority. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, file). The report adds that the emphasis on responsible fatherhood is personal for Obama. When he was a presidential candidate he rebuked absentee dads, particularly those in his own black community, for acting like boys and putting their kids at risk. Now one of the world’s most famous fathers has a presidential megaphone. The day’s events were intended to kick off a White House effort on fatherhood and mentoring’ We cheer President Obama for his ongoing committed efforts to inspire and engage on issues involving challenges facing families and divorced parents with children. This President believes it’s important to lead by example, and to do something about these matters calling for Dads to “Step Up” in taking responsibility for their children and family values.

It is common for presidents in our country to celebrate fatherhood, particularly heading into a Father’s Day weekend. Obama is looking for media coverage on this topic that otherwise might not get prominent attention during times of great change as the world is currently undergoing. The report states that Obama also recorded a video to be shown during Saturday’s Rally for Responsible Fatherhood on the National Mall. An estimated 24 million children are growing up with absent fathers, and a disproportionate number of them are African-American. Those children are at higher risk of falling into lives of poverty and crime and many become parents themselves in their teenage years. Last year we saw the President bemoan these trends, in a moving speech held at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago. He has spoken about this issue many times as he continues to pursue this important topic to broaden the conversation, and seek out programs to assist fathers return to this critical role in our society. His mantra of “responsibility starts at home” sums it up not just for DADS, as a President, and man but on behalf of the children who are left with the hurt and harm of being left fatherless. The White House is not expected to unveil any new public policy, but for it to be part of th overall effort to figure out how the federal government can support or adopt programs, that help fathers and at-risk children succeed. See more on FATHERS DAY below, and to all you DADS out there: HAPPY FATHERS DAY !

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