Fred Astaire and Son dancing. A greatly loved ISA past client.

Fred Astaire and Son dancing. A greatly loved ISA past client.

A fathers journey is unique in each society and family, but it is a universally held understanding that men have a different role to play from the mothers of the world. This is a huge topic, with endless historical debate including biblical reference to fathers. Fatherhood is a role gone through several transformations from ancient times. Each Father must be passionately committed to create and provide the nurturing environment for all men to come forth, and be able to take on the challenge of life by being and sustaining a “Real Man” example. What does a Real Man mean as I use it here, which I mean to be quite different than the notion of a “manly man” (a term  personal to each man as there are womanly women to the ladies)?  In this context, it is to preserve,  protect, and guide our humanity which truly begins at home, within the family circle. If we do not have a blood family to do that with, then a Spirit Family is very much real, and provides an equal and sometimes even more relevant opportunity to share the spirit of fathering together. It does not matter whether it is the man or woman who brings in the “bread”. The roles of mother and father remain central to all of our lives everywhere as a Spirit Family. We use the term “Founding Fathers” to describe the guidance, protection, and spirit of our American beginnings.

GOOD TIPS THIS FATHERS DAY: Think of ways that are creative, yet inexpensive, to give your dad a gift of appreciation. In these uncertain economic times excessive gifts might cause consternation to those who do not have work. Give something from your heart instead. A letter helps express your love more intimately, and helps men open up their hearts and find words of appreciation others feel for them. Benjamin Franklin’s letters are a must read, and would make a wonderful gift today. Letters with heartfelt thoughts and love are a balm to the soul. Letters have often opened avenues of communication that were closed before. They are part of our great historical heritage. Our first TIP is write a love letter to your DAD, and give a framed photo as an unsurpassed FATHERS DAY gift. Build bridges of love into eternity.

Vintage Photo. Best Friends Celebrate Future Fathers Day

Best Friends Celebrate A Future Fathers Day. Give a framed photo gift to your DAD on FATHERS DAY.Â

As has been true for all ages of ups and downs, some folks are having a very difficult time finding work. ISA continue to find TOP JOBS for our registered APPLICANTS with our CLIENTS daily. See some of our past  clients here. We know that every tomorrow is truly a new dawn arriving with new possibilities because work has always been part of the growth and innovation of American vision. Some of our greatest vision came from parents wanting to give their children a better tomorrow. Sadly, millions of us have had the unfortunate experience of not having a father. Celebrate any man you admire who is a father, whether yours, someone else’s, or someone you know who has fulfilled challenges towards fostering this difficult role in our world. Our world needs father love and wisdom. So spread the acknowledgement to all fathers, not just your own.

We say THANKS to all the fathers who refuse to allow harm and inequities to continue, refuse to give up, and are making every effort to do better then yesterday. Yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow is always a world of endless opportunitiy. Our third TIP, is that you CELEBRATE the sharing of possibilities with your DAD. Opportunities they provided to you or someone else. DADS need encouragement, support, and appreciation for the insanity of taking on “the jungle” they wake up to daily. Let us each help turn that untamed jungle into a magical garden. Every child knows from Fairy Tales and Hero Stories about great DADS, and their triumphs over adversity. Sometimes it is only at the fifty-ninth hour and fifty-ninth second that we overcome a seemingly impossible challenge. A new beginning opens, a new horizon appears, and across the threshold to a new dawn we go. We’re on the brink of that New Horizon, so do not buy into the “nay” and “doom and gloom” sayers.

the-bh-wine-merchant4For those of you who cannot resist giving an expensive token of love, we cite an excellent wine merchant: The Wine Merchant of Beverly Hills is a long term business serving many of our Clients. Several Estate Manager, Personal Assistants, and Chefs who purchase wine on their employers behalf work with this vender. They have an excellent variety of wine including Champaign on sale, since it is a buyer’s market. This vender is considered one of the best worldwide. WE THANK ALL OF YOU FATHERS OUT THERE! We wish you all a beautiful and rewarding FATHERS DAY. May all of your hearts desire and dreams come true. For we all know, that each father is also a little boy too, with dreams that never end and never die, and hopes that can and do come true.


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