Green Concept Car - Peugeot

Green Concept Car - Peugeot

Established in 2009, I Drive Green is an organization founded by French Driver Nelson Philippe and environmental specialist Jean-Paul Libert; created as a means of using motor sports to educate enthusiasts about new environmental initiatives, practices, and technologies. “Drive Green Because You Can” is a very unique initiative intended to bring global attention to green driving contributions and focus on the ability of every individual consumer and corporation to live more sustainably. Things become relevant and meaningful personally, rather then abstract piecemeal solutions to be argued over because of “costs”. Efforts by both the automotive industry and governments to increase fuel economy have not achieved the change necessary to make a substantial difference. I DRIVE GREEN brings several intelligent solutions to allow every driver to contribute to a greener environment. For more information, please visit

the Tesla Roadster sport vehicle
the Tesla Roadster sport vehicle

Toyota Prius is the best seller hybrid car in the world which debut in 2007 and has won several awards. The hybrid car is a vehicle with two engines. One using electricity, and the second utilizing conventional gasoline to interact with it and provide core power. However, this is a compromise that needs improvement not just for greater mileage, but to omit use of Petroleum completely. Although there has been a 400% sales increase since its launch (according to Toyota), not everyone cares for the generic design. New selections from mini to SUV sized vehicles to choose from are set to debut in 2010-2012 as competition heats up. But do we need to compete for our own well being?  That’s an Old School basis to optimally care for our selves and the planet we live on. The real challenge we face is a new level of maturation out of our current state, or become extinct. We can make change with how we use our money. A group of CEO’s do not control our creativity, we do. So get creative.


1. Purchase a hybrid car. Hybrid vehicles reduce emissions and improve gas mileage. Other perks of owning a hybrid include tax credits and hybrid only parking spots.

2. Move your feet. Walk to work, doing errands, leisure time, not just for exercise. Take a train for longer distances rather then an airplane, which uses more fuel then all alternatives.

3. Carpool. Not only will you save money on gas and tolls, but you will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Use Cruise Control. It maintains a constant flow of fuel to your engine, making it more fuel efficient.

5. Observe the Speed Limit. When you drive faster than 60mph (I know that’s tuff to do on the freeway with temptation to speed), you’re lowering your fuel efficiency.

6. Check the Air in Your Tires Often. If the pressure is low in your tires, you’re reducing gas mileage.

7. Combine Several Errands into One Trip. Cutting 20 extra miles out of your schedule each week reduces global warming pollution by more than 1,200 pounds a year, and saves over $100 in gas.

8. Purchase A Bicycle. Do half or more of your driving on it. A great workout combined with efficiency and allows you to better explore your neighborhood.

9. Convert Your Existing Car. Explore costs and methods of how to convert your vehicle. Can be done.

10. Take The Bus. Our buses are mandated to be emission free, support using them.

If you work as a driver/chauffeur and your employer does not have a green vehicle, inquire into various options set to debut in 2010-2012. Your employer will appreciate the effort and you may see them switch sooner then later. Become an advocate for GREEN energy based transportation for all our needs as an investment in our future. As in any market, the larger the demand the faster the manufacturing output to satisfy it.

best in class solar powered Nuna5

best in class solar powered Nuna5

Although he’s almost seventeen, my nephew Jake and his friends prefer bicycling, and carpooling by their parents, to extra curricular activities and an active social life. I Love my hybrid vehicle. My preference would be a zero emission car. Better yet, a GREEN automobile that turns into a flying jet. That would be really cool, and I’ve got places to take that out for a spin. Better then that, when they finally release those GREEN SPACESHIPS fueled by magneto-electric energy into the private sector, count me in. Carpooling will have a totally new meaning off world!


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