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At ISA Staffing, every once in a while Employers request to have candidates undergo a handwriting analysis or they ask what month an employee was born in before they meet with an applicant for their Job Description. Naturally we always encourage every Client to interview a potential employee before any quick judgments are made, advising them to keep all options widely open to get the best domestic staffing results. We have a large range of services skills of applicants hired (see our domestic help services and jobs) yet I’m always puzzled about how influenced people are by their cultural bias, when it has such a huge affect on their decision making process. Not a good basis for getting the very best results. We provide our renowned expertise, for which we are famous, to assist Employers conduct interviews that’s tailored for their needs. TIP – Each Job and Applicant are truly unique, so never presume anything.

Rachel Maddow opined in detail about why she's not changing her Aries sun sign

Most of us know there is so much more to finding the perfect applicant for a Job Description then horoscopes can ever provide. But apparently it’s in our nature to look for patterns and meaning in strange and random events. It’s well known that people falling in love will seek to learn what similarities exist between them, yet what we call chemistry is the most important part of an interviewing process. The best resume in the world cannot override how two people have that magic chemistry when they interview, and click! Add to that the recent discovery that all along we’ve been getting it wrong about the stars constellations, and suddenly you have what is now known as The New Astrology. So someone born in July (which would be Cancer of 2000 years ago when Sun Signs were first mapped) in 1973, their Sun was actually in Gemini, not the Cancer constellation presumed ruling their sign at the time of birth at all. All this time everyone’s been getting it wrong.

Golden Globe 2011 vote for Best Hair

We live in a world where bands name themselves after automobiles (The Limousines) and more people read Astrology signs (Horoscopes) then ever before. We place Chauffeurs who drive luxury cars working for stars (the celebrity kind) among our high profile clients, and astronomical signs represent various celestial objects. For those planning Parties and Events even font styles are often named after stars and constellations like Copernicus, Polaris, & Polaris Condensed and you can get free font styles for designing your invitations. However, an interesting article on Horoscopes and Astrology tells us astrological forecasts are no longer reliable. Although we’re more scientifically aware then any other period in history, people still believe their fate rests with the stars. As Rachel Maddow put it sending a message to the people behind the new zodiac signs: “I’m not changing mine!” Maddow insists that although she doesn’t believe in Astrology, she was sticking to Aries, thank you very much. I love her attitude. How many people attending the Golden Globe Awards (so many of whom are our clients), read their astrological forecast to learn how they’ll do that evening even though we don’t believe in them!

How do you feel about it? Last week I was having a lunch meeting with an Executive who wanted my input over a huge business decision and the waitress taking our order seemed distraught. So I asked her what’s wrong. She immediately sailed into how upset she was about learning the new horoscope changed her sign! I laughed and told her not to worry, she can now use both sun sign predictions and pick which one she likes for that day! TIP – don’t select Jobs or Applicants based on cultural bias, instead allow us to give you the extensive and famous benefits of our renowned expertise. See SITEMAP of our TIPS and  referral SERVICES for domestic help staffing on our Website and Blog.

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