Family Fun - photo courtesy of National Gallery of The Arts

ISA staffing has clients in Washington DC, and we love taking care of their domestic help staffing needs. From our Clients Gallery (see past clients here), you will note that several of them served our country as Presidents and Vice-Presidents, Ambassadors, or elected and appointed officials, among other duties of public service. Working under public pressure is always stressful demand, the right staff is critical to maintaining interface between a private and public life in so many ways. Including taking care of high profile children who by extension need specialized care and protection.

We are famous for expertly staffing high security jobs. We also proudly staff nannies, governess, childcare, baby-nurse, housekeeper-nannies, housekeeper-childcare, and other domestic help staffing with our renowned experience.

photo: courtesy of National Gallery of The Arts

Most celebrities try to live as ‘normal’ a life as possible by taking their children to public outings to experience what other kids are doing. Parents and their childcare staff members make an effort to give them a diverse childhood that’s culturally enriched. TIP – for a great family outing the National Gallery of Art is holding a children’s live animation and short films program for ages 5 and up, running February 5-6th. See more on Glorious Foods and browse family programs or sign up for their newsletter notices.

Our own LACMA has diverse family programs well worth attending. See their schedule at Next Gen for arts and education programs and projects you can become involved with supporting the museum. I’ve borrowed some of their sage advice and added my own. Someone you know may love getting Our Best Advice on expanding childcare skills.

TIPS for visiting museums with kids:

  • Don’t try to see everything – 20 minutes to one hour is plenty of time in the galleries. With NexGen you can come back as often as you like.
  • Let your child decide what to see. Ideas may come from their favorite things, hobbies, or a school project.
  • Not sure where to start? Ask the welcoming volunteers and information desk who are eager to help. The Andersen Building is always a great place to begin.
  • Have a seat, you can sit on the floor! Just don’t block any doorways. Some galleries also have benches.
  • Start with, “What do you see?” Children are very observant and wonderful storytellers. Let them tell you what is going on. If you bring a mini-recorder you can have them speak into it and playback later.
  • Photos are not allowed in some areas but kids can make drawings in sketch books.
  • Burn off some wiggly energy in outdoor gardens and park spaces, don’t stay indoors.
  • Find events that allow kids to paint and participate in art projects, read books, and hang out.
  • Many facilities have Family Sundays so check them out, tell others for a fun group outing.
  • Have plenty of water on hand, children get thirsty and water fountains sometimes too far away.
  • Be sure to know where all the emergency exits are located. We never know when they’re necessary.
  • Know how to reach security and emergency medical treatment on premises ahead of time.

Take your children to Museums often. You set an early tone of excitement for the Arts, along with teaching them how much good dedicated philanthropy does for our communities. Those memories become part of our childhood dreams carried with us throughout life. Please support museums everywhere, and write us about your adventurous outings with kids to include.

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