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At ISA staffing we place household Chauffeurs among other household workers Job Descriptions, with Clients who need top drivers with expert driving skills and excellent background experience. These Chauffeurs (apply to register here), handle everything for their Employers that ranges from a prized collection of sports cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and others, or Supercars in the Custom Luxury Cars category, Hybrid Luxury SUVs from Lexus, Range Rover, BMW, Porsche, or Cadillac, to old collectibles and new luxury cars from Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and Luxury Town Cars or Limousines (including the occasional stretch limousine) for individuals who like private luxury vehicle travel. Professional Chauffeurs must know how to keep such automobiles well maintained and performing at all times. TIPS – here are some of the newest car trends we’ve seen in a while you’ll enjoy knowing more about.

the cute BugE three wheeler EV

Some Employers favor low key vehicles that are energy efficient like the Prius (especially celebrity clients who are very conscious about Carbon Footprint reduction). But new Smart cars have created a buzz many homes are now also adding for their kids to use, or for Security Guards that need to patrol the boundaries. Most people today seek to add value for the dollar. Not everyone is comfortable on two wheels, but this little bug has three and doesn’t expose you to weather. An alternative type of EV that costs less then six thousand dollars, it’s not only reasonable, the BugE is stable on the road as a new DIY car kit priced to sell. Powered by four batteries it only takes eight hours to recharge in any 110V outlet using existing electrical grid. The BugE gets a top speed of 50mph (80kph), with a range of about 30 miles (48 km) – which expands far more if owners swap in lithium batteries instead of the lead acid ones they come with. Great for errands or short commutes within a community or your luxury estate with acres to run, or for kids going to high school and college within a 30 mile radius, and within a gated community with speed limits of less then 45 miles. Best of all, four BugEs can fit into one parking space!

Mercedes-Benz BIOME technology hybrid made from a totally biodegradable BioFibre

This years Los Angeles Auto Show featured some highly interesting and amazingly innovative designs. Mercedes-Bens came up with the BIOME, one of the most ambitious concept cars in ages. I’m fascinated with this breakthrough technology because it would be grown in a lab rather than built on a production line (which is great for reducing carbon footprint but bad for labor, but that’s all going robotic anyway). Promoted as the perfect vehicle of the future, it was specifically created to have symbiosis with nature. BIOME is  technology hybrid that’s said to be part of the earth’s ecosystem. According to the head of Mercedes-Benz advanced design studios: “It grows and thrives like the leaves on a tree”, a poetic description of an amazing Ecco design that takes it to a whole new level in the history of mechanics. This vision is based on a material called BioFibre, which is lighter then metal or plastic, yet stronger than steel. Best news, the entire vehicle is biodegradable.

Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept vehicle

Judges at the Auto Show Design Challenge selected Cadillac Aera and the Smart 454 WWT as winners. They were chosen because of their ability to achieve comfort, safety, and great driving performance without sacrificing style. Cadillac is not generally known for its mini size vehicles, but this manufacturer is seeking to expand its brand and enter the new car market trends. Another of its winners is the new Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept, a technological collected prize of every creature comfort you may wish. If you’re into the boxy fierce looking design with upwardly mobile doors, according to the British designer Niki Smart, this compact Caddy is a sample of what Cadillac wants to bring out for competition with future Minis. Read More

NEMESIS by Ecotricity

Founder of British Green power company Ecotricity decided that he wanted to Create a flashy, fun, fast automobile that ran on nothing more then the company’s wind turbines. Dale Vince had a team buy and gut a used Lotus Exige, outfitted it with two electric motors to create the Nemesis, a one-of-a-kind custom Supercar that according to Vince, has V12 Ferraris for breakfast. I’ve driven Porsches since my teens (and just about every other luxury car as someone slightly obsessed with autos back in another life), at 170 mph for the Nemesis, that’s fast! Los Angeles Auto Show.

old chassis new insides: Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid

What makes the system found in the 911 GT3 R Hybrid so unique, is that it utilizes an electro-mechanical flywheel system to store energy, a system that resides in what is traditionally the front passenger seat. The system works by capturing kinetic energy during braking at speeds as high as 40,000 rpms. The flywheel is used to store the energy, as opposed to the batteries typically associated with gas-electric hybrids. The flywheel then unleashes the power for a six to eight second boost of energy, which turns into two 60-kilowatt motors that are driving the front axle. This means great speed advantage and terrific news for hybrid vehicles. Although this car is for endurance testing at professional race track competitions for now, we know that eventually the tech trickles down to street use. It won Powertrain Innovation of the Year and the design leader, Dr. Daniel Amburuster, was awarded Design Engineer of the Year for his innovative and inspired work on this project. Well deserved! As a former owner of two porsches (driven each for years with a passion), I still long for that car. But those days are over (and so are the speeding tickets); hybrids are my one and only choice these days.

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