Jaguar and Aston Martin are Bond cars

Luxury cars are among our VIP clients key household collections. At ISA staffing we provide highly qualified staff for many who collect cars, or just want to maintain the latest ecco friendly design for their rides. There is usually someone who handles taking care of luxury vehicles among other duties for TOP JOBS as a Chauffeur, Personal Assistant, Estate Manager or other job descriptions, and they need to keep up with Top Trends.

Innovation continues to focus on environmentally friendly with slick design. I’m reminded of hot cars that wowed the James Bond franchise. There are about 80 cars comprising that list with coveted brand names until today, including the iconic name of Jaguar. They’ve launched a new one that’s sure to inspire.

Considering the fact that luxury goods prices have hit an all time record high despite a worldwide troubled economy, this includes auto manufacturers who seem to be pulling out all stops for those E-tickets to ride: luxury bells and whistles hybrids.

Jaguar-Supercar Hybrid C-X75

Jaguar’s stunningly beautiful C-X75 hybrid concept wowed Salon L’automobile in Paris, 
to be produced in a limited edition of 250 vehicles, with prices beginning at $1.15 million set to debut in 2012. I’ve always loved Jaguar style and glad to see a hybrid out of that legacy. It’s just a matter of time before these innovations trickle down to cars in the lower price range so everyone benefits, it clearly took the lead in this brand’s production line.

The C-X75 will be developed in association with Formula One constructor Williams F1 and though the specification has changed significantly from the Paris vehicle the 330 km/h C-X75 will still be one of the fastest production cars in the world. Jaguar seeks to reclaim its once world-leading automotive sporting heritage. This car looks to be the one that brings them back leading the pack.

Emission-wise, the production version will still emit less CO2 than 99g/km, but its electric-only range has halved from the concept’s 110 km to just 50 km. The two 35 kg, 80,000 rpm lightweight micro gas-turbines of the concept car have been replaced with a compact, but otherwise-unspecified, forced-aspiration internal combustion engine and there are now two electric motors (one on each axle), instead of the concept’s four wheel motors. How close the production model will come to the concept’s 780bhp and 1600Nm (1180lb ft) torque output was not revealed. If all goes as projected collectors young and old will want to give this beauty a spin to see if it goes into their growing collections.

* Here are the other James Bond cars to enjoy this long list!

1 Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger
2 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Die Another Day
3 Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me
4 BMW Z8 The World Is Not Enough
5 Citroen 2CV For Your Eyes Only
6 Jaguar XKR Die Another Day
7 Toyota 2000GT You Only Live Twice
8 Lotus Esprit Turbo For Your Eyes Only
9 BMW Z3 GoldenEye
10 Ferrari 355 GoldenEye
11 Aston Martin DB5 Thunderball
12 Aston Martin DBS On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
13 Mustang Mach 1 Diamonds Are Forever
14 Aston Martin V8 Vantage The Living Daylights
15 BMW iL750 Tomorrow Never Dies
16 Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me
17 Sunbeam Alphine Dr NO
18 Triumph Stag Diamonds Are Forever
19 MG B The Man With The Golden Gun
20 Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale
21 Mercury Cougar On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
22 Chevrolet Corvorado Live And Let Die
23 Mercedes 250SE Octopussy
24 Mini Moke Live And Let Die
25 Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger
26 Lada 1500 The Living Daylights
27 Ford Thunderbird Die Another Day
28 AMC Hornet The Man With The Golden Gun
29 Tuk Tuk taxi Octopussy
30 Ford Mustang Thunderball
31 Moon Buggy Diamonds Are Forever
32 Mercedes 600 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
33 Cevrolette Bel Air Dr NO
34 Range Rover Tomorrow Never Dies
35 Ford Mustang Goldfinger
36 ZAZ 965A Goldeneye
37 Chevrolet Corvette A View To A Kill
38 Maserati Biturbo License To Kill
39 Lamborghini Diablo Die Another Day
40 Citroen Traction Avant From Russia With Love
41 Jaguar XJ8 Casino Royale
42 Ford Thunderbird Goldfinger
43 Chevrolet Nova Live And Let Die
44 AMC Matador Coupe The Man With The Golden Gun
45 Land Rover 88 series III The Living Daylights
46 Willy’s Jeep Octopussy
47 Ford Fairlane Skyliner ’57 Die Another Day
48 Lincoln Continental ’64 convert Goldfinger
49 Daimler limosine Casino Royale
50 MP Lafer Moonraker
51 Range Rover Sport Casino Royale
52 Ford GT40 Die Another Day
53 Renault 11 A View To A Kill
54 Chevy Impala 1963 Live And Let Die
55 1977 Dodge Monaco police car A View To A Kill
56 Aston DBS Quantum Of Solace
57 Toyopet Crown ’65 S40 You Only Live Twice
58 KA Quantum Of Solace
59 Ford Fairlane Skyliner ’57 Thunderball
60 Cadillac hearse Diamonds Are Forever
61 Alfa Romeo Quantum Of Solace
62 Leyland Sherpa van, dented The Spy Who Loved Me
63 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Octopussy
64 Ford Edge Quantum Of Solace
65 Mercedes S-class Tomorrow Never Dies
66 Hispano Suiza MOONRAKER
67 Alfa Romeo GTV6 OCTOPUSSY
68 Land Rover 90 The Living Daylights
69 La Salle Hearse Dr NO

70 BMW 518 Octopussy,
71 Ford Edge Goldeneye Quantum of Solace, 72 Mini On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 73 Ford Taunus The Spy Who Loved Me, 74 AUDI 200 The Living Daylights, 75 AMC Matador Police Car The Man with the Golden Gun, 76 Alfa GTV6 Octopussy, 77 VW Beetle Quantum of Solace, 78 Checker Marathon Live and Let Die, 79 Ford Ranchero Goldfinger, 80 Mercedes Sedan On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 81 Aston Martin V8 – no sled The Living Daylights,82 Daimler Quantum of Solace, 83 Gaz Volga Goldeneye, 84 Range Rover Octopussy, 85 Ford Bronco II Quantum of Solace, 86 Country Squire Goldfinger.

Enjoy your ride and continue to be proactive, make it Eco Friendly!

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