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Steve and Laurene Jobs

The world has most regretfully lost Steve Jobs, a client we greatly admired – but not his Spirit Person who remains eternally with us. There is much already known about this remarkable Artist (as I consider all true Visionaries). He lived in the public eye since coming onto the world’s stage passionately, and his volcanic arrival was a Vision that disarmed IBM (and the old guard way of doing things). “He transformed our world” is not saying enough. He opened a new dimension of possibilities in History.

We all know his creative imagination of unending gifts to change our life style. With intense awe we learn to use his toys for our betterment. Mac people are devotees, and Apple culture a hacker’s dream of being on the cutting edge of all things techie. The head of our IT continuously tells me how and why Apple outstrips competitors. Steve Jobs was a revolutionary disguised as a CEO, wearing his brand as he pulled out the first iPod out of his pocket, then the iPhone, as if they were Colt 45’s. Now comes the iPad, a new story showing his love of taking things higher.

Apple store memorial for Steve Jobs. The only CEO in the world to have spontaneous memorials created in front of his stores, he was so loved by customers and employees alike.

Revolutions in the 21st century are conducted on cell phones filming it. We’re all aware how profound that is. This, came on the heels after “the first camera cell phone” was made famous, with pics of his child’s birth the father sent out worldwide. When the iPhone was launched everyone hushed up. It just blew everything else away. Think Different was an all time brilliant marketing campaign, and Apple made it so easy to learn, then gave you the stores in your neighborhood to learn it in. Who else would do it? Steve Jobs continued to fire up our fantasies with games and photo albums easy as pie to create as if we’re pros, then reinvented the landscape by bringing it to our kitchen tables to do it with. Any surface including your lap or tucked into your hip pocket would do. What’s even more remarkable is how we take it for granted, but if you pause a moment to realize his importance, Steve created for us to be free, and for our freedom to be free from corporate desks, forever.

Bless him for all the fantasies that came out of his head unendingly fertile, a fountain of “mad hatters playthings”, as he showed us again and again. He set the bar high and then raised it higher to challenge himself, and inspired those working for him to tag along. They rushed alongside to create goodies for his bag of tricks.

Every Maestro has some negative stories and from others “accounts” Steve was no exception. There’s the pressure of shredding the envelope and wanting control with which to do it. I say thank goodness he was not afraid of being Captain of his own ship that sailed away and took everyone with him.

Steve Jobs 1984

But here today I speak about Steve as our client. It took me a while to post this because of my love for what he brought into our lives, an emotional appreciation yet to be fully expressed. ISA was greatly privileged to assist him find a Chef. This was not about corporate, it had to do with one’s personal life, and that involves many issues of consideration with close quarters being around one of the most famous men in History.

Steve had initially inquired with another self made client of ours who has discerning taste and high regard for expert qualification. The story I got (when Steve called personally to detail the job description), was that this happened after he finished a memorable meal he just couldn’t forget. That made me laugh, and my first encounter with how quickly decisive he was to have what he wanted. With appreciation of others talents (as much as his own to be highly discerning about it), he was not shy letting me know exactly what he wanted, and that was the “best Chef out there” – who didn’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan chef, but needed to cook that culinary diet for him and his wife and whatever she felt was best for their children. And this person had to be a Chef who had the expert skills to also confer with Apple’s corporate chef, who was in charge of providing over 1,500 meals a day to company employees (at that time), only one of several perks for working at Apple. And he/she had to also know how to grow and oversee an organic garden that Steve described was lovingly created by another chef the family cared about, who had taken good care of them for some time. He spoke highly of her, and I loved his modest caring as if she had offered it as a gift not as part of her job.

I greatly appreciated receiving his details provided with his trust. Not all clients wish to give a patiently described job order to assist satisfying their requests. Steve knew that it would not be shared with others as many of our clients are high profile with demanding lifestyles. Our reputation and expertise along with maintaining confidentiality is renowned. Steve wanted us to know what it would take to please him up front, we pride ourselves in taking up the challenges given. He wasn’t wasting anyone’s time including ours, which was not only refreshing, but very clear.

We couldn’t wait to begin, and I already knew what he needed from what he shared – and what I could read between the lines that he wanted you to read. There is deep satisfaction in pleasing our clients and staffing their job offers, while finding the best jobs for employees they’ll love: a win-win for everyone.

The client who recommended us so generously is also a person with a busy life of international travel. He had emphasized to Steve that our Agency was the only one to work with (as Steve generously described it to me). We were honored to have the referral and high regard of such praise. I don’t mean this lightly – many of our VIP clients are remarkable people with amazing talents. We are dedicated to all of our clients whether high profile or not, and we take passionate care in finding just the right person to fit their unique job description, because each job is uniquely different for each household. This particular client’s home is also one of the best run estates in the country, and his high standards allows us to give him “the best of the best” and “best in class” for all his needs.

Steve described his family household as more homey and casual, I was concerned he wouldn’t really like someone overqualified for the position involved. He wasn’t familiar with having domestic help staff work at such top skills and experience level. Describing that he and Laurene were not big entertainers, they just loved being with their family and perhaps a few friends, what if the Chef became bored with the job. These considerations among others are important to raise. He was great at moving easily with the details while trusting me to do the rest.

He shared that one of his greatest joys was bicycling around the neighborhood with his son Reed to visit friends, his way of saying we’re just a normal family. He adored his children, and expressed it in such a sweet way it tugged at my heart. A man of his stature and huge demands on his time and person, desired to live his life as close to “normal” as possible. Stories that he gave me openly over telephone conversations until just the right person was found. It was also evident that he had tremendous admiration and deep love for his wife and valued her opinion greatly. He was always so gracious and casually relaxed, it felt as if we had been friends for a long time and had gone to school together. I imagined that he made everyone feel that way.

We met the challenge. A Chef was hired who was actually nervous about starting the job, despite the fact that he had a five star credentialed background with a stellar resume and references. After all, it was a job with Steve Jobs, a connoisseur about so many things, and he didn’t wish to disappoint him. The Chef met the test of preparing sample meals and was hired, and immediately called his wife to tell her the news with huge relief. He would have been crushed to fail the requirements of a man he so admired. The Powell-Jobs family is a dynamic beautiful family. We are proud to have served their needs.

the younger years as a couple on the rise – it set the tone for many at silicon valley and how that scene would develop

We will miss you greatly Steve. Thank you for all that you brought Noble Friend – we raise our glass of clear waters in crystal clear homage, and send our heart’s bouquet to your loved ones in high regard. As Spirit Family, we shall keep you near in our hearts. You made so much possible for so many, – as you so dearly loved to create.

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