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Employment and Stress Relief invariably go together. My favorite relaxation is deep breathing breaks four times a day: early morning, midday, after lunch, and before bed (I do this in bed). ‘Take a deep breath’ may seem cliché, but it’s an ancient technique that anyone who’s done it consistently confirms holds truth when it comes to not only stress relief, but immeasurable Health benefits. Many people still don’t do these, so I’m giving the ABC’s about it and our extended expertise. If you’re doing childcare it’s particularly important to stay relaxed while attentive, and you can teach a child to do breathing exercise.

For an easy one-to-five-minute exercise, sit up in your chair with your feet flat on the floor and hands on top of your knees. Close your eyes and Breathe In and Out, slowly and deeply, concentrating on your lungs as they expand fully in your chest. While shallow breathing causes stress, deep breathing oxygenates your blood, clears your mind, and helps center your body to opening up tension blocks (or research expert health advice and more local TIPS online in your area). Do this one with a colleague at work and they’ll love it too – watch your energy build.


Tuck those buds into your ears and cel phone and listen to music. For even five minutes a cello master like Yo-Yo Ma may do the trick (another favorite is Andre Segovia guitar) but if classical isn’t your thing, try listening to ocean or nature sounds or other zen relaxing effects of musical sounds. We do it when getting massages at spas, but don’t think about it when needing to remove a stressful situation out of focus during our day. Taking a break listening to relaxing music generates calm that has a positive effect on our brain and body, lowers blood pressure if the right music (as clinical studies have shown), as well as reduces cortisol, a hormone related to stress and weight gain.

Call A Friend, Therapist, Life Coach

I once heard from a PA we placed on a JOB that one of their favorite ways of staying clear is having a therapist or life coach on call when things get too pressured and they need a five minute mentoring session. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by challenges at hand, do this, or you can also simply take a break to call a friend and talk out your problems. Positive relationships with friends and loved-ones are part of a healthy lifestyle, but there’s no time that this is more useful than when you’re under a lot of stress. A reassuring voice, even for a minute, can put everything in perspective. Don’t tuff it out if it’s an issue that could cost you your job. Reach out. If it’s a JOB in the domestic help field you’re doing and you need to unload and get some expert advise, call our office. We’d love to help, listen, and talk it out.


Be your own best friend every day. Sometimes calling a friend is not an option or you’re sworn to confidentiality and cannot share your issue. For general stress relief simply talking ourselves through it works wonders. And don’t worry about seeming crazy to yourself or even someone else who can hear your “self talk”, talking to a pet, an ant, a bird, works great (Really, try it). Just tell yourself why you’re feeling stressed out, don’t concentrate on blame focus, just what you have to do to complete the task at hand, and most importantly, that everything will be okay. Trust it, your issue will be resolved given time, if not immediately.


Stress and diet are closely related so make sure yours is working for you optimally. Many people are triggered by hidden food allergies they’re unaware of causing anxiety that isn’t attributed to food. I’m consistently seeing people who are stressed out and it’s worn on their body despite their best efforts to hide it. Don’t. Take food and drink and your self care, seriously. Drinking tons of water alone won’t do it. People rely much too much on water to carry them throughout the day. Not enough to do the job.


Seriously (drama and comedy are paired Historically), let it wash over you and make light of whatever is troubling you. Laughing works, even if you don’t mean it at first. Remember lying on someone’s stomach and someone else laid on yours and you all started laughing, and pretty soon you’d all be in tears hysterical? Laughing really does change our nervous system into making us happy. If you have access, watch a quick YouTube classic like Monty Python The Ministry of Silly Walks.” Brits are hilarious when they’re being silly, you’ll soon be cracking up (rather than cracking up with tortured worry).


Exercise is fantastic for a quick dose of throwing off nervous energy and you don’t need to be at the gym or training.  Go outside and take a quick short speed walk around the block or run in place, or simply standing do a long stretch during a break at work. This can offer immediate relief in a stressful situation, and you can also always excuse yourself for ten minutes just to goof off. Getting your blood moving releases endorphins and improves your mood fast.


If it’s serious, then get serious help. Don’t just run it by friends or a loved one. Some of the best personal breakthroughs are taught by professionals to give us added skills we may not know about.  If Yoga and other mediative techniques are not doing it, switch to something else. It can be anxiety caused by just doing the same routines. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help even if you’re the expert in your environment and others depend on you knowing. Call or email and we’ll give you the benefit of our expertise. Every day is a good day to learn more about what we don’t know. Keep yourself flexible, and learn.

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