VETERANS DAY – Holidays 2009

Veterans Day 2009

Veterans Day 2009

Veterans Day is a national holiday celebration designated as “a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as ‘Armistice Day’.” Veterans Day 2009 is here Wednesday, November 11th (unless it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday is observed the following Monday). I’m going to take a moment to speak about it in a way that hopefully doesn’t offend anyone, but needing to be considered nonetheless. It is an important holiday although many do not celebrate it consciously, merely taking the day off given by an employer, or remain working through it as those serving in the military do while holding rituals in homage to our Vets.

First ordered by President Woodrow Wilson in 1911, we all need to make an effort to learn more about this important sectarian holiday, for it is imperative not to confuse religious beliefs with rememberering why we maintain it. History, in its current version circulating, is misunderstood as being nothing more then dates and events of what we call “The Past”. Not true, and grossly misleading. As is the popular sentiment that if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we’re bound to repeat them. But studies show that we did “learn from our mistakes”, only we perfected killing on a massive scale as the outcome, not wisdom. Crusades today can destroy it all, and they’re no longer overseas. Millions feel we’ve lost our country’s ability to govern ourselves to remain free and are ready to take violent action against our government. The south is at war with the north politically and philosophically, despite Lincoln, a president revered as a beacon for freedom who stood alone in his wisdom to get us through a terrible Civil War, and all that was pursued and won through tremendous sacrifice.

One of our most important acts of being and staying sane is to remember, not to forget or revise to distort how we got here. Religious doctrine puts an emotional value to dying, and how we sacrifice for its multi-interpretive teachings which can differ greatly. Those conflicts have gone on for thousands of years. But on a sectarian basis as our country was founded upon, it’s critically important not to take freedom for granted despite religious differences. Remembering that it’s people of all faiths who keep freedom alive, human beings of simple backgrounds, not robots as is quickly becoming the “new military”, (or as fashionably written in cyber parlance that humans are nothing more then “programs running”) is a collective duty of our specie group. If this country fails, the entire world fails with us. If freedom cannot be sustained here, then where?

The tragedy of Fort Hood is a vivid example of how religion is being used to manipulate killing in the name of a higher power and promise of martyrdom.  But who is the enemy? Are we not all collectively participant in this madness? A corrupt world of greed and avarice breeds war. Well known in religious teachings, and as we saw on Wall Street, heavily practiced with callous disregard to the people. A transnational corporate oligarchy is not of benefit to any people, regardless of where located. It is mandated to generate profit at any cost to humans and the planet. People are expendable, Mother Nature unimportant to spoiled kids who exist on it.

1971 original Lucas film: THX-1138

1971 - Lucas wrote and directed his film THX-1138

But all one has to do is look at a baby, regardless of race, religion, or creed, to know their innocence is not provisional upon doctrines, branding, marketing, or sex selection as currently fad, regardless of how men interpret them to create profit. Follow the money is not an unknown axiom. Consumerism addiction and those who profit advocate it. But we must remember that we are spiritual beings who are not “defined” by those interpreting a book or some motivational workshop, or somebody’s new cult speak from a so called new Master, or even if it comes with ‘degreed credibility’, rather, we keep freedom alive and burning bright towards PEACE, not warring, and not corporate marketing schemes because we are humane, not demonic. If we’ve become demonic, it’s due to manipulation by what used to be called the “snake oil” men/women sold to man, as George Lucas portrayed so well in his early film THX-1138 (1971) debut, before his subsequent worldwide success and influence on the world’s psyche with Jedi stories. We don’t have an option to conduct war with weaponry and biological chemicals that could and would destroy the entire planet. To learn more about Veterans click Official Website United States Department of Veterans Affairs. And watch films like Soylent Green and Logans Run among others, which have dealt creatively with world mythos and the danger we face at the no longer future, but now, threshold. We must Vision a new future today for its affect on our psyche, as we remember classical books dealing with this subject theme (such as The Odyssey provides us, a very good read for those still reading).

Historically, insane decisions have been executed under both religious beliefs and government mandates that are anti-religion. Belief is not the arbiter of the real, wisdom is. Veterans comprise a large population of our homeless. Our TIP for today, let us all remember that the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, does not come with a cheat sheet of exceptions. Honor our Vets, and become an activist because to find the exit strategy out of our current “insanity plague” far outstrips any predicted pandemics– up to each of us to find and uphold. We are not machines.

As my beautiful young niece Sarah wrote me in email this week (after reviewing Did You Know I had forwarded to her researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman) the future is not about the numbers of dead, rather, each of us knows the deep anguish of losing a loved one. Sarah’s words are revealing and deeply sensitive. See the video to better understand the remarkable threshold we’re at if you haven’t already: Did You Know

In Sarah’s words:

“this really is impressive, and i love the ending that leaves viewers with a question rather than an answer.  these are issues that have preoccupied me for many years.  personally, i am not as engaged by the information about technological devices per se, but about the flow and expansion of information. i remember having a realization when i was a teenager about the human capacity for empathy- the staggering statistics in your average news publication about the number of people killed globally per day are seemingly impossible to register.  compare the act of reading and cogitating that 50,000+ people have been wounded or killed in Iraq to the life-long legacy of losing ONE loved one who you knew personally…”

Her beautiful articulation expresses so well the impossibly deficient arguments being made worldwide about war and how to end it. What about “just do it”? Or is sanity so out of reach now that we need holidays to remind us, rather then simply know it. Our Veterans know it, many heartbroken and mentally broken, and they anticipate that we will remember and know, to end this madness.

TIP FOR TODAY: to be in The Real, Just Do It. We all know what it takes.

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