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The Take Under - 4/4

Today’s TIP is a shoutout for our nephew musician-composer-DJ, Jake-Simon, who will play at HELIOS on April 4th-8pm. This GREEN event starts at 5 with food and drink. Go see The Take Under with Jake-Simon & Shane Silver. Let yourself go into their dance groove. The BEST!! — Guaranteed you won’t be able to resist their incredible sound. Amazing!!

Jake Simon

Jake and Shane have now been composing and producing music seriously for the past 2-3 years. Their influences range from classic rock, all genres of music, to electronic music coming out of people’s basements (including their own!). They’ve each been composing separately but like to spin as paired-Dj’s with individual tracks they take turns playing. Jake and Shane are also musicians. They spin any sub-genre of house. They love creating a space for others to groove and deepen their listening pleasure. You are invited to come enjoy shutting down a gas station for a night celebrating the Earth and alternative energy. 

The link 4/4 to see details at YTD (your daily thread) posting all things green. If you missed Earth Day, don’t miss this opportunity to lend your support towards this important effort.  Come meet new people who are passionate about supporting environmental issues and love music. Get the word out, twitter on it, post it on your blog, or rsvp  to Sarah Shewey, who was so blown away by their talent, she wanted to produce The Take Under teens to get word out the moment she heard them. This event is organized by, who founded and runs her company matching environmentally friendly venues to corporate, private, and non-profit events. More about Jake and his awesome sound at  Jake Simon or contact if you’ve got any questions. Get Volume I -The Take Under CD at the event, and if you can’t come to HELIO’S at Olympic & Robertson (a really cool gas station architecturally too!), it’s available through Pink Cloud..

The TakeUnder at HELIOS celebrating shutting down a gas station on behalf of EARTH DAY

The TakeUnder at HELIOS celebrating shutting down a gas station on behalf of EARTH DAY

These guys have an incredible career in music ahead of them. They eat-live-breath-music. Jake wants to compose music for all genre’s including films, video, art, fashion, GREEN issues, or whatever he deems is transforming to open further the realm of music/art, and deepen your pleasure, appreciation, and experience. He’s also just an incredible person. I’m so glad to be his auntie, and a huge fan. We love his sound, you will too.

Shane Silver is also totally devoted to music and you can enjoy his music at Tell your friends, even if you can’t come! Forward them this link Our Best Advice and send them to Jake’s site with this link Jake Simon, which has several tracks that are hot for downloading .

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Everyone is welcome at HELIOS !!   See you there!

Yeah - So, you wanna go with me?

Yeah - So, you wanna go with me?


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