having the great creative imagination ability to see Saturn from a beach on Planet Earth

Regardless of which JOB you’re looking for or what JOB DESCRIPTION an Employer offers, there are some things that overwhelm all our work concerns, namely, unexpected life events. Children and their inheritance today involves huge survival resource challenges.

I was heartened to see James Cameron bring a group of diverse experts on Larry King Live to discuss the oil spill from different points of view (not media talking heads and pundits). We learned new information.  Brazil and Netherlands are two locations mentioned where drilling is at 10,000 feet below strata then what we actually have science for maintaining safety (the Gulf disaster happened at 5,000 feet). Pure greed drives those decisions. An accident was inevitable, yet no human being can condone this Russian Roulet way of doing business: a lethal game of chance. In Nigeria accidents are common, the land and people devastated for lack of regulated enforcement.

Whether you’re a nanny or childcare provider, (or just browsing our site as many jobseekers and Employers do), what will you teach children in your life about the oil debacle? To say we’re devastated and outraged does little (and I know you’d never leave it at that anyway). TIP – Help them learn and give real information and beneficial assignments, not just reassurance stories. Beach clean-up tasks with a treasure hunt is a great way to start. Here’s how they do it in New Zealand’s (Otago Penninsula) ocean community with kids. New Zealand is famous for efforts to maintain their pristine environments.

Cleanup can be fun, a task all of us can do on any beach instead of taking it for granted “someone will take care of it” (with budget cuts and California’s bankruptcy, it’s highly doubtful). TIP: Be prepared with extra pails in your car and use biodegradable-compostable containers/bags to carry and remove trash. If you see people laying around on the beach without care, encourage/remind them to help cleanup and give them a bag to do it with! So what if they get a bit put off. Be prepared for rude remarks, but say and do something rather then continue watching from the sidelines. Kids learn by example. See more great ideas from Inhabitat about GREEN lifestyle living.

Earth photo: courtesy of NASA

Tell all kids about the Gulf Stream, which takes everything we put into our waterways and distributes it worldwide. Ironically, BP will be the agent that brought oil damage to the shores of England as the Gulf Stream will eventually carry it there. The oil came home to roost is how Mother Nature deals with it. A great way to show children how we’re all connected and interdependent before taking them to the beach is by using NASA website, which has a kids section. There are no borders or boundary lines when you see our Earth from SPACE.

You might also wish to become familiar with WolframAlpha, a computer software program that took 30 years to develop. It shows how far software for harvesting data has come. Designed by Stephen Wolfram (considered one of our “Thought Leaders” according to FORBES magazine), it’s able to put together variables of outcome more advanced then any other system. When I entered a question about what would be the outcome of this oil crisis the program responded it would get back to me. Seems like everyone is working on crunching this data. Take a look at Wolframs’s scrapbook too if you wish to see one that’s comprehensively detailed. Clearly this creative designer is someone who loves memory!

Earth and Moon - courtesy of NASA stockphoto

Which reminds me to include the TIP that keeping a scrapbook of your jobs (and past history) is worth doing not only for your resumes to be preserved (tho that’s good too), but to walk down memory lane in the future for details of your relationships, a far more important focus of our work. Scientific studies have shown that the heart functions like a brain sending our emotional signals information to the brain, which actually governs our true state of how well we feel and do. I attended a high school reunion recently (which was moving and touching), a wonderful opportunity to re-calibrate emotional memories with people who’ve crossed my path. Amazing how quickly some of us re-connected as if there was no time lapse, while others are barely remembered, if at all.

I heard some people didn’t come because they felt they’d moved on from such gatherings. This event was held at someone’s home, an intimate setting and not the traditional dressing up occasion. It was hanging out in the garden relaxed. To those who felt dismissive about participating and didn’t come I offer this TIP: It’s good to cherish our remembering as living memories whenever possible, and hold them dear. Ultimately, they’re all we have.  Nobody ever lay on their deathbed wishing they’d worked or multitasked more. Stop the gadget obsessions. Tell kids stories that include real ones from your experiences. Fill your and others cup till  it runneth over. Let’s all help heal our land and oceans… suffering is always cured best, shared.

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