Artecnica recycled envelopes

Artecnica recycled envelopes

When you go to a job interview remember some of Our Best Advice great TIPS that jobseekers need to know. You can Contact us for a free consultation regarding work in domestic help staffing and household work fields. If you have top references and an excellent work background, we will gladly help you find your dream job. You can  submit your information here.

First and foremost for interviews is to always take a few copies of your resume and references. Immediately after the name introduction, hand a copy to the Employer with explanation that any further information they may wish, you would gladly provide. If you’re being interviewed by one of their representatives give them a copy for their files too. I’ve learned over the years that people forget to do this simple step, which effects their chances whether they realize it or not. Helping move things forward quickly is professional, convenient to all parties involved, and shows you value their time.

Although we’re in an email and social networking age of providing information, in a physical interviewing process what you actually carry your documents in is an extension of your person, and adds strategy for landing that job. For instance, if you use a manilla envelope I recommend a recycled paper white one, which stands out from others, and also shows your GREEN support.

If you’re going for a job as a Personal Assistant or Estate Manager, using something more sophisticated is a good idea. Envelopes like Artecnica makes you can buy online (or at shops carrying them listed on their website), crafted from 100% recycled billboards and sustainable cork. They also partner with nonprofit organizations such as Aid to Artisans, a wonderful organization that helps create jobs worldwide and teams artisans with internationally renowned designers.

It’s good to have your paperwork be reflective of the current Green movement many of our Clients support (see some ISA staffing past clients on our Photo Gallery page). Carrying documents in recycled goods shows you care about sustainability and carbon footprint issues. These items can be reused for many purposes, which further makes them more eco friendly.

a Recycled Photo Album is good for your Chef Jobs portfolio

a Recycled Photo Album is good for your Chef Jobs portfolio

For Chefs Jobs you need to have a portfolio on hand (in addition to a resume), showing your range of cuisine skills and menu planning. Include a diverse range of cooking keeping in mind various diets today and also show your range from event planning to intimate dinners for two.

Include food photos and menus with desserts involving children that you’ve prepared in the past. Many of our ISA staffing clients hiring Chefs, want a diverse range that includes kids in the household work you might perform (even if they don’t have kids of their own).

A good portfolio album should be made of recycled paper, not plastic. Target carries one that’s not too expensive called Elephant Poo Poo Album (don’t ask me about that name!!), which easily adapts to Chefs menus and food photos combined, which you can then use for your regular pics once you land that job.

Don’t use plastic binders which are not biodegradable and in my opinion lacks a polished respect for the work you provide and sense of pride you take in it. During these economic times I know that many jobseekers need to count pennies to make ends meet. A manilla envelope is perfectly fine, yet sometimes how you present yourself can make all the difference between you getting that job or someone else. Keep your clothing coordinated to reflect a professional tone without looking to formal or too casual. You can see more TIPS for jobs at our SITEMAP.

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