Holiday Events – 21st century diversity

Spock and Muddswomen - photo: Star Trek Core (bleu enhanced)

Even some of our past clients didn’t eat traditional Holiday Meals, and Chefs we refer must create fun, fabulously delicious & festive foods that folks feel fantastic eating, no matter what they prefer. Yes, say that fast! Because that’s how fast at ISA we staff top best chefs to the top best jobs as our clients request, and we’re famous for staffing. We love staffing, so let us help you with your custom tailored needs.

I’m big on Star Trek variety (anything related to art goes on the dining table and costumes), without limit to menus or a theme (whatever that means off-planet anyway). As the infamous Borg say ‘resistance is futile’. On the other hand – I’m reminded of the line by Koros about humans: where did your race get this ridiculous predilection for resistance, you examine any object; you question everything! (or something like that). True, humans are not very cooperative, but we do know how to have fun while getting into trouble.

Call it the Cosmic Momma in me, but just as there are trillions (upon trillions) of planets we live with (ha! and you were worried about over-population here..) there’s at least one for each of us to explore (and maybe move to, this century is not over yet). Even if you don’t believe that’s a viable experience – pretend otherwise.

Earth with visiting starships - photo: Star Trek Core

Imagine starships of all varieties heading to Earth for a fabulous holiday event. We’re surrounded by people who have philosophical differences and dietary restrictions or preferences other than ours, while we’re dealing in epic fusion food (as if you haven’t tasted it – a meal you swooned over that put stars in your eyes). Then there’s the hard-core group who feel we must preserve tradition, and insist it’s got to be how they ate on their planet (if they could recall exactly what that was), and that depriving them of their right to eat a traditional meal is a cry to battle (which their ancestors never ate to begin with) – but might genuinely start battle fatigue. It’s usually what stops some people from sharing the bowl in the center of the table (or imagining sharing at all), or maybe they’re tired and just want to get on with it and go home. We want everyone to be happy, with satisfied after-meal lip smacking glow experience that our clients love.

So here are a few things quick to prepare you can add to any last minute event menu. No matter which planet they’re from these TIPS will delight, and if someone like Sylvia gives you the line: “You like to think of yourselves as complex creatures, but you’re flawed. One gains admittance to your minds through many levels. You have too many to keep track of yourselves. There are unguarded entrances to any human mind.“..  just keep serving up that food and drink!


Raw Onion & Veggie Starter or Condiment

I love raw onions with meals because you get its many health benefits. But we don’t want that ‘after onion’ smell or taste (lest we offend some extraterrestrial friends). Some argue this recipe is not 100% raw but that’s debatable (the sun cooks our food in open fields if we leave it out long enough, otherwise called dehydration).

1. Slice up some red onion, put it into a colander, quickly pour some boiling water over it. Seals so fast that it doesn’t cook but sears it (from outgassing in your tummy). Add apple cider vinegar or lemon to olive or sesame oil (as you prefer), with a quarter jalapeño finely diced (remove seeds first) if you like heat with your crispy onion. Pour into a bowl and serve. You can add sliced red radish or other raw veggies like julienne jicama, capers or caviar, and raw olives and raw pickled garlic (whatever suits your fancy).

Raw Tuna or Salmon with Avocado on Tarot Chips

2.  Use very fresh sushi grade fish sliced and chopped into small 1/2 inch cubes in a bowl. Squeeze lemon and season with fresh ground white pepper and sea salt. In a separate bowl, slice avocado and chop small also in cubes. Add  minced shallots or green onion sliced fine. Squeeze lemon juice flavored with Cayenne pepper (optional) and pinch of Turmeric (optional) with good quality seal salt (adjust accordingly to taste). Combine the fish with avocado mixture (to look like guacamole) and adjust flavors. Add fresh dill, parsley, or cilantro, which brighten flavors.

Japanese taro root

Have fresh tarot root sliced in rounds already fanned out on a sushi plate or bread board (4 large tarot root rounds per person), or if you’re not attached to raw, you could use baked tarot root chips (make your own or try Terra). People love roots, and have cherished these vegetables as life extending foods. Scoop fish-avocado mixture onto the tarot rounds and drizzle fresh balsamic over it (optional). These yummy rounds are wonderful made with just spiced lemon juice if you don’t care for balsamic. Arrange chives over plate crosswise, and serve with a good brand of bubbly or non-alcohol drink.

Honey, Cinnamon & Nutmeg Yogurt served with Pomegranate Seeds

Choose the freshest unflavored organic yogurt of your choice (or make your own). Add 1 tsp vanilla bean paste (or to taste), freshly fine ground nutmeg and ground cinnamon, with organic honey (or Agave) of your choice. Gently mix together to create a nice texture to taste. The mixture will turn caramel color and look like pudding. Put into refrigerator and let sit and marinade. To serve, spoon some yogurt into small parfait glasses (or engraved turkish tea-size glasses) and layer alternating with scoop of pomegranate seeds. Top with a sprinkle of seeds and a thin cinnamon stick as garnish. Or scoop yogurt onto small square plates and add generous portion of pomegranate seeds alongside overlapping the yogurt. This can be a surprise starter amuse bouche, or served at the end of a meal with a selection of fresh raw cheese – and mini freshly made ginger cookies (or those of your choice).

Homemade Mustard Oregon Style

spicy stout Oregon mustard

I found this recipe at The Taste Of Oregon blog, which is adapted from a Saveur recipe that you might enjoy (and try both to compare). I love mustard, and could not resist adding it to our Holiday TIPS although we don’t usually think of it as a condiment for holiday events. People tend to forget how flavorful mustard is, and this recipe you can adapt to any meal including adding some dried sweet cranberries into it. People love getting homemade mustard as gifts. Have fun adding a microbrew of your choice, and write letting us know what you used.

Chefs love to locate and experiment with the  finest fresh organic and most exotic ingredients, as our clients request based on their personal preferences. This website will turn you on to some fun possibilities. Send us some of your Holiday Event TIPS, and send others Our Best Advice. We love hearing form you. From our TIPS to yours, Happy Holidays!

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