EVENTS – post Oscars

Colin Firth - Best Actor for The Kings Speech

As Steven Spielberg put it so aptly before announcing Best Picture winner for Kings Speech: “If you are one of the other nine movies that don’t win, you will be in the company of The Grapes of Wrath, Citizen Kane, The Graduate, and Raging Bull”, reminding everyone there are no losers. All the films were great despite many wondering how Social Network lost, and consummate producer of great taste Scott Rudin being told he was ‘robbed of an Oscar’, while others were put off that David Fincher didn’t win Best Director for his brilliant directorial style.

It appears that film popularity is still what the Academy voted for as its preference overall, because everyone loves King’s Speech, even though younger gens would like to see things get more edgy. Social Network failed to bring that home, with nay sayers graphically expressive about how popularity campaigning has taken over from peers voting for peers. But it wasn’t a sweep for the Brits and Social Network remains an important biographical project in history.

The writing kudos that went to  David Seidler for Best Original Screenplay for Kings Speech was made even more meaningful in acceptance, when he reminded everyone you can be brilliant at any age (great wine brilliantly improves with age!) And everyone knows that Aaron Sorkin winning for Social Network was absolutely well deserved (tremendous writing talent is an understatement about him). Inception garnered some kudos but didn’t quite make it (though many younger gens thought it was best of all), another brilliant achievement picture. Such is the roulette of film making. And of course Toy Story 3 was pretty much in a class by itself winning animation movie of the year. Haven’t seen The Fighter (been in a whirlwind with no time), but I’m sure it’s a terrific film with many believing strongly it was best of all (movies are so personal after all), and only time turns them into cult favorites or classics to be watched repeatedly thereafter.

Natalie Portman as Best Actress for Black Swan

We saw the fashion brigade continue with lots of accolades and commentary by the usual critics, but I say who cares if they didn’t love a dress someone chose that expressed their taste interpretation as they prefer. Natalie Portman looked so radiant in her dress winning for Black Swan as she beautifully floated onto the stage with fellow dancer/love escorting her to the steps (with such elegant deep regard it was lovely to watch  a conscious gentle-man knowing to do that), and one of the highlight speeches given. How she was able to remain so poised and clear remembering to give heartfelt loving thanks and acknowledgement to so many, is truly a professionals’ professional. More then anyone could imagine unless you’re in the business. At ISA staffing we truly know what that means as the people we place must perform with such high qualification skills.

In short, we were glad to see our clients who won so happy and others who didn’t will continue to make super films (because they’re all so remarkably talented), and we share in their joy of loving to make great pictures. Los Angeles post Oscars is still where dreams are made, and the possibilities unendingly open. See more great TIPS at our SITEMAP. We THANK YOU for your unwavering support.

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