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At ISAstaffing we know many professionals are maintaining Employer work schedules to run luxury estates, while being stressed out working night hours sometimes from midnight to dawn to keep ahead. Our Clients have top job offers that pay top salaries for Personal Assistants, Chefs, Estate Managers, Butlers, Housekeepers, Nannies, Laundress, Chaufeurs, Drivers, Baby Nurses, Major Domos, Security, Party Staff, Organizers, and more. We look for highly qualified  experts that have top excellent references to meet their needs in the domestic help field.

TIP: Stay with the expertise of having healthy practices. Don’t pull all nighters and rely on your stamina alone. Health Professionals agree you’re playing havoc with work performance, and accidents happen when we’re tired at the wheel. Arrange for relief and let us help you find your dream job.

Here are some reasons and TIPS to help you gain optimal rest.

9:00 – 11:00 pm: This is the time range when our body is done detoxifying the lymph nodes. The antibody system kicks in to work in harmony when we’re in a relaxed state.

1.  Enter your relaxation time before actually going to sleep. Do that foot massage you love on yourself or exchange with your partner, gently ease those tired muscles out.

2.  Take a TIP from Old School and curl up with a good book instead of watching TV. Reading tires the eyes to sleep.

3.  Do some deep breathing and let out your breath gently, slowly. This ancient technique is brilliantly helpful.

4.  Don’t drink water before bedtime to avoid having to get up in the middle of the night. Cut out caffeine, alcohol, and sugar several hours before sleep (or stop them all together as many people have determined is best for them).

11:00 pm – 01:00 am: This time range is for detoxification your liver, which works to keep us going (or we die from overburdened exhaustion and toxicity.)

1.  Remove all electronic devices from your bedroom, they’re known to interfere with deep sleep. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary.

2.  Make sure all windows are covered in light-blocking shades to give you a cocoon space. Street lights/light pollution interferes with your sleep cycle. We need the dark.

3.  Use a silk sleep pillow or eye mask sprinkled with essential Lavender oil (on the outside fabric not near your eyes) as a soothing transition for sleep. Try ylang ylang and jasmine or sandalwood too.

4.  Don’t use sleeping pills which are known as highly addictive. Herbal extract tea formulas for relaxation doesn’t mess with your system. Ask your health food store for TIPS of popular products.

12:00 am – 04:00 am: We’re in deep sleep now (hopefully!), a the time for bone marrow to produce blood.

1.  Give your body the perfect sleep that can help this process by staying asleep. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the brain that regulates sleep cycles. Support it naturally rather then synthetically.

2.  If you find yourself waking up during the wee hours try meditation, but don’t get out of bed unless you’ve absolutely got to. Many people eventually drift back off.

3.  Take a course in EFT online or other relaxation techniques like NLP that might assist you to remain asleep. Do them if you awaken until you’re tired again.

4.  If you cannot stay asleep try Magnesium before going to bed, or take Baking Soda in water which also works wonders as an old Folk Remedy.

01:00 – 03:00 am: The hours of detoxification of your bile, this fluid produced by the liver needs to be cleansed by good quality sleep.

1.  If you absolutely cannot stay asleep ask your doctor for assistance to deal with it. Don’t ignore this because it begins to set a pattern that’s difficult to break later.

2.  Search online for alternative therapies like  Green Med Info or Natural News blogs, two newsletters that give good TIPS. There are some wonderful alternatives today.

3.  Contrary to some believing a “hot toddy” or hot chocolate works to mellow us out, many people experience a surge that stimulates rather then relaxes.

4. Most people know not to have a large dinner after 7:00pm but for those who like to eat late, this may be your cause of sleeplessness.

03:00 – 05:00 am: This is time when the detoxification of our lungs cleansing process kicks in.

1.  People with lungs or respiration problems may be coughing or struggling with breathing in these hours. Check out food allergies. Alterations to our natural food supply has created huge sensitivity for adults and children as never seen before.

2.  Have your doctor check you for sleep apnea (a breathing condition), which restricts getting sufficient oxygen. This is a common issue few know about.

3.  Do Yogic breathing which helps cure many things, strengthens the lungs, and assists with detoxing them. Breath, breath, breath!

4.  If you’re awake do some day dreaming of lovely places in the world and press on acupressure sleep points (but don’t exceed five minutes). Acupressure may relieve insomnia and provides deep relaxation.

restfull sleep is critical for good job performance


1. The Hand: With your palm facing up, find the juncture where the wrist meets the hand with the thumb of your other hand; rub just below the first crease of the wrist.

2. The Face: Using the tips of your index and third fingers apply pressure to the spot between your eyebrows, at the juncture of the bridge of your nose and your forehead.

3. The Back of Your Head: Gently massage the pressure points at the indentation at the base of the skull on the back of the head; move outward an inch on both sides of the skull at the hairline.

05:00 – 07:00 am: Many of us are up at these hours to begin our day, which moves us into detoxification of the colon.

1.  This why it’s important not wake up too late every day.

2.  A hot liquid may start the process for many people. Some take hot water with lemon, others need a strong cup of tea or coffee, or an herbal mixture. Whichever you prefer, make sure it’s on hand.

3.  As we begin moving around during morning hours is a good time for meditation or contemplation. Do it.

4.  This is a perfect time to set our energy for what we wish to accomplish and enjoy the garden while opening up to Nature. Take an exhilarating early dawn walk (as I love to do!)

07:00 – 09:00 am: Time to give your small intestine some nutrients.

1.  Some experts believe that a hearty Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you feel that’s true for your metabolic system find what works best for yours, don’t just eat randomly.

2.  Others believe maintaining a semi-fast is best for continuing detoxing. Breakfast around 6:30am of light fruit and raw nuts and seeds is a great light beginning.

3.  Have a juice smoothy filled with real and dehydrated food and herbal minerals and vitamins (rather then hard supplements) maintains your energy best according to top nutritionists.

4.  Set your energy, and increase it by reminding yourself not to get caught up in drama or other people’s issues. Be in your serenity and focus on the positive at all times.
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