Killing germs on food using wine was recently lab tested. OUR BEST ADVICE TIP for today – It was found that white wine is a great cleaning agent for soaking or cleaning your food to kill germs before eating raw or cooking. Simply buy a cheap bottle of wine or use what is left over from wine you didn’t finish to collect in a bottle as your cleaning solution. Soak a cloth with white wine and rub over the fruit and vegetables before slicing or eating. You can also give fruit such as a bunch of grapes a bath in white wine rather then try to clean each grape to minimize this labor- intensive task. A white wine bath also works for party food or quantity food you are cooking. Using a 50/50 formula of white wine and vinegar as cleaning agent for your countertops works great too. Just remember to give a final wipe of water to remove the film this leaves. You can usually buy a bottle of white wine for less then a bottle of cleaning solution. It also lasts longer because wine bottles contain more liquid then cleaning sprays.

Even if you buy organic it’s important to still clean your food. You can also fill a spray bottle with white wine to saturate oranges or lemons you wish to use for peeling their rind into cooking. Once saturated, dry with cloth (minimize your use of paper towels to save trees!), then peel the rind directly into the pot or salad or whatever wonderful uses you dream up for citrus rind. Citrus rind is so good for you providing vitamin C, and also brightens food flavor. Use a mix of good wine and lemon to cover raw chicken and fish before cooking (add fresh herbs too), which kills the germs and also works as wonderful marinade, or use to marinade before serving fish or beef tartar (the French love to do this as a favorite classic dish) which is touted as very healthy by those who follow a Primal Diet. For those who are vegan, remember to get your healthy vitamin and mineral needs met too.

Cork Cat Play

Cork Cat Play

You can also use the white wine or champaign cork recycled as a game to play with your CAT. They love to chase corks, light to catch, and fun.


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