Story Of Stuff

Story Of Stuff, a 20 minute video by Annie Leonard is a must see for everyone who's interested in our economic recovery and prosperityÂ

SOON, weather will improve for those currently suffering extreme weather who may also be without a job. Our hearts go out to all of you. We are seeing change as employers had to cut back their jobs offered. But there are still good jobs available so hang in there. Our TIP today is pack up and giveaway things accumulated over years, and downsize material possessions. Moving our nation to an economic recovery requires a complete change of attitude in our American land of plenty. Become involved in a new direction. If this isn’t already part of your daily life start now. A wonderful 20 minute video to watch created by Annie Leonard is The Story Of Stuff“. Pass it on to others and visit our HOT TIPS page for other great ideas, or use our convenient “Tell A Friend” feature on our ISA website.

If you’re in between jobs getting involved will help by doing your part towards our economic recovery while looking for work. It will also help to take your mind off worry. If you’re an employer, work with our team and staff to make it happen, rather then wait for legislation or a stimulus package to pass.

Two weeks ago my sister and I hosted a simple lunch in her home to become more directly involved (after seeing the video above I immediately took action). We decided to do our part in support of groups, companies, or individuals committed to assisting public/private entities to remodel their buildings, towards getting off the grid. It was a small event with big results. Many neighborhood buildings need updating and we can make a difference. We started with solar energy projects. Already things are happening we’re excited to be part of as soon as we decided to take action to bring our expertise into the mix. We also undertook a donation of goods project. Take an action today. For spring you might organize a neighborhood drive for donations as part of your household spring-cleaning. Most organizations will pick up goods for free if you simply pack them up and mark boxes with what they contain. Make sure the organization of your preference (such as charity and religious groups, Red Cross, schools, and community outreach programs, or Story of Stuff), as they provide on their websites or by telephone, are first contacted in order to learn what they need and accept into their criteria. All of these organizations are eager to help.

downsize your material possessionsGet ideas from such organizations to learn what more can be done as a neighborhood donation project. Don’t do it alone, since we all know how easy it is to put things off. Get a friend, better yet a group of friends, staff members, colleagues, employers, teens, even kids can help to work with you on this. Be generous, and give things conscientiously, not just to get rid of them. You would be surprised how helpful a single step of positive networking and participation can be. Annie Leonard in her video points out so beautifully that we are the government. Be and live in support of our home as a planetary population affirming to everyone (including ourselves), that it can be done.

Write and let us know what projects you created and any TIPS you may have for us to share. Our Best Advice TIP has been brought to you by your friends at www.ISAstaffing.com