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models and fashionistas Bel Bambini's Kady and Kody Lin - photo: courtesy ClassicKids

Increasingly Personal Assistants, Nannies, and those doing Housekeeper-Childcare have expertise with GREEN care for babies, toddlers, and children of all ages. We’ve posted great TIPS in Our Best Advice you can find on our SITEMAP. I’m a firm believer that less is more for childcare. When I lived in Bali I quickly learned that cotton sarongs covers clothing needs for everyone from infancy to adulthood, and children are raised with minimal fuss, without “baby essentials”. Asia is trading a simple life for our luxury wasteful lifestyle. TIP – If we set the trends, let’s buy less “stuff” (whether luxury or basics), and give give give (I’m really trying to get this across) to charities and Goodwill Industries.

photo: courtesy of Oscar and Belle

Because humans need a range of creative expression I include luxury goods in our posts for Clients and Jobseekers. Let’s do it GREEN and Eco Friendly. Bel Bambini (which means “beautiful babies”) is a top clothing line in the infant, toddler, and maternity market. Kristina Lin offers nursery furnishings with her modern tastes and stylish sensibilities, that are also safe, functional, and environmentally friendly. This online store provides a one-stop parenting and concierge resource with a complete range of in-store services. See their Eco Friendly selections. Another collection for organic little girls attracting VIP Clients is by Whitten Grey, who’s modern look is making inroads into kids high end style and trends. Try Oscar and Belle, a great online all organic store that also has Gift Registry and Gift Certificates. Tel A Friend about our TIPS.

Purchase from companies like Target which makes an effort to stock ecco friendly products, but demand they grow the organic and eco friendly products they carry. Keeping pressure on big stores by using power of the checkbook creates fastest change for social issues. Browse The Green Life Eco Store for great products with a wide range of gift choices. Check out their The Laundress cleaning products too. I’ve posted several wonderful cleaning TIPS using kitchen items as natural products you can easily make. If you’re up for reading tongue-in-cheek reasons why you don’t need those (so called) baby care essentials, I suggest browsing EcoChildsPlay on reducing baby gear waste.

Final TIP – The Heart guides and fulfills our path. Take a moment If you find yourself getting impatient, irritated, or tired, to center back in your heart. Peace will flow from you, to all who are with you in that environment. The mind is a trickster (don’t listen to that nonsense chatter) Using your heart’s wisdom is an anciently proved path to Peace and Happiness. Contact us and send us your TIPS!

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