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Gandhi sharing his Love Wisdom

Most of our VIP clients have bodyguards and security jobs specializing in protection of the rich and famous. They come to ISA staffing because we provide best of the best household help and luxury estate staffing, for which we’re famous. High Profile people rarely feel safe with good reason, due to our history of violence.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shared tragedy showing we’ve been plunged into a vigil required to be never ending. No words could possibly express the anguish and speechless shock as the killing of children, anywhere, everywhere. Yet the words, ‘here we go again’ is a chord struck far and wide – worldwide, as any country, in any town, could claim the same horror insanity in their/our midst. Simple words: killing, mass murder, suicide.

To quote Edgar Allan Poe: You will remember that one or two of the wise among our forefathers had ventured to doubt the propriety of the term “improvement,” as applied to the progress of our civilization.

This shared experience tore into our hearts piercing our veils, and throwing us out of the “game” (as some insanely call it) permanently. Say it again: Permanently. Never again can we return to what we refer to as ‘safe’, even as we point our concerns overseas. This can only be subjective for each of us when we nod agreements with one another, which is subject to change instantly at human whim. This is our humanity: unpredictable and totally unpredictable.

What is Wise to do about this? Is one International Day of Non-Violance going to solve this? I’m seeing a reaction among the grief that must be spoken (and why I write). I’d not intended to blog about this because it’s not the right environment, and levied my heart to reduce this vigil to words of a few paragraphs in a virtual world. But silence is unacceptable, so I blog anyway. I’m not speaking about people coming together in community of shared grief. Humans have traditionally come together over horror, and helped one another through. We bravely rebuild anew. Historical records are filled with stories as legends of witness. And this is not about out-raging in protest into the night. We must become aware of the fracture, after two world wars (and their extended madness) that each of us is carrying within.

There is no exemption. Our humanity is broken. Humans are broken. It has nothing to do with “rules” or “sin” as people argue and cry for blood endlessly to avenge or revenge, or whatever we label it including naming this dysfunction “whatever”, dismissed glibly in casual callousness of latest cultural diagnostics. There’s a pill for whatever ails you.

Yet what laws or sin can you possibly identify to tell God how to scatter stars in the Cosmos? We dare expound our tales of woe and list of demands and promises unkept, as we are still fiercely brought to our knees because there is nothing holding us up. Hate and blame are not the index of Love. Violence and anger are not arbiters of the Real. Hate only destroys the hater, but Love is its own sublime, and in my understanding the highest form of it is Divine Wisdom. I’m not preaching (never had that talent), but there is something we all need to admit, and it’s a fact that atheism is also a religion (not believing is a belief).

I’m not an atheist, and my approach to keeping myself awake is to pray-without-end daily (and not just on holidays or weekends by rote ritual). I mean to stay awake of being conscious to be conscious. I prefer praying to God under heaven under the stars as witness, witnessed bare by a Cosmos of endless divine mystery, and sometimes I sing out loud, and sometimes I whisper, or undertake to silent prayers. Spontaneously whenever and wherever I am, and that’s often (because my gratitude for our endlessly gifted blessings are never-ending). Meditation is not just for 15 minutes a day.

Mother and Child detail - Three Ages of Woman by Gustav Klimpt

So this brings me back to the word permanently. That’s the vigil. Stop. And don’t participate in the insanity. There is no going back to anything we know of the old. We are in a new frontier, an Interstellar 21st century and ‘the future’ is created by us, not laws, or medicines to curb and manage our despair that ends in suicide, or as we see infamously, in ‘eye for an eye’ blindly seeking to take others with them plunging over the abyss. This is not new (as the old saying goes). To speak of it as if we are at a new ‘killing threshold’ (yes it’s graphic language), is blatantly ignoring the Historical record: human ignorance. We have been violent for a very long time.

High Wisdom reminder: If everyone followed the Ten Commandments, all self conflict, and that with others, would immediately stop. That’s your and my vigil, and to Learn Wisdom. This is not arguable based on a monotheism versus a polytheism. That argument ends with insanity regardless of who you pray to.

The new super weapons are not just assault guns, or weapons of mass destruction, or nuclear weapons, or lasers and tasers and other energy frequency weapons we create, including a contagious viral plague that we pass to contaminate one another with ignorant energy of our emotional response: to ourselves, and each other.

No, the real ‘new weapons’ are us. Bio-enhanced, medicated, enraged, teeth bared in outraged entitlements of rights, and oppressions and suppressions, and so on. And we ‘look golden’ doing it. We even give awards for it, with trophies. Expensive trophies. It only costs you the world, and all you need do is make some socially constructed ‘cool lewd gestures’ to qualify,  salute in uber-heil to some mad person, or swear on a bible to love honor and obey, or demand to be obeyed. You get to choose, guilty or not guilty. Those are just some of the endless qualifiers. Get in line.

Children everywhere are terrorized into suicide by anxieties too dangerous but obvious to describe, and the adults are asleep at the wheel as they seek to kill one another. There is no talk of Wisdom, and that doesn’t even reside in reason or pragmatic reality. Wisdom transcends reason (or we would have reached it long ago). We’ve attempted to be ‘reasonable’ and as we see our reasonable diplomacy, and reasonable laws, and reasonable compromises, have failed us long ago. Reporters, first responders, parents, and experts alike; and we as the witnesses, are carrying on about security and ‘how to feel safe’ as if that’s not an inside job, and mischaracterize self defense against some phantom evil occurring in a vacuum (hardly), that only the psychiatric and pharmacological field, our military and the political, the religious or the godless, could have rights to exploit, capitalize, and monetize (as the catchy branding phrases say) – with “splinter groups” and corporate offshoots asking for handout donations to control it. Stop! Take a moment. Are you still able to see, or feel, envision anything original, truly new? Or are you steeped in endlessly ritualized habit.

And now we seek “innovation” from silicon valley (even that name is catchy ‘cool’). From those halls of millions of dollars of tech, and the degrees we hand out for their programming abilities, we create ever slicker labs with ever slicker instruments and bigger grants funding them. We feverishly seek behavior modification, as current neurosciences theorize is what’s at hand.

We’ve even had a Noble Prize given to someone (an economist), who took his theory and applied it to ‘Behavior Modification Economics’. So this theory now joins a “political economy”, that drives our insanity. There is no such animal (not to mention a conflict of interest). These things are just mind control abuse (inner and outer directed), and the insanity grows. – It’s all a house of cards.

We are formally pronounced dead (whether we know it or not) , and not as people, but as classified and tattooed “persons”, and we are merely behavior, and what it takes to modify and manage that behavior. Rituals of how to dress for the occasion and behave yourself, as you participate in scenarios of endlessly insane situations. Shakespeare wrote it well. And broke his pencil after writing The Tempest.

Grand Tetons Snake River photo by Ansal Adams - national archives

These killings, whether small among people we know, or big as warring of mass murdering, are all collectively our sicknesses. We can only transform ourselves out of the jaws of death. Nothing else. We’ve tried it all and failed, as this event vividly brought home to each of us (here and abroad). Transformation is all that we have. And that is not going to happen through “rules of men” and enforcement by way of force. Life and Death in the 21st century has an entirely new threshold. Wisdom is the calling. And it came through small children too innocent to protect themselves, demanding it! No adults sufficiently Wise to respond because it should have never happened. There is no excuse. We are together a River of Life.

And that is how the challenges of our humanity are collectively at hand, without exceptions, and implicitly there is no geographical divide. Taking ‘security measures’ has no meaning in this Space Age stellar frontier. I whisper and write this in invisible chalk: this is not about mental illness, guns, or laws, or medication against what ails us. This is about collective suicide, which we are all participant in together. Omens clear (and not written in fatalistic prophesy of a singular event as some claim). Nor is this is just ‘a study of contrasts’ as foolishly pronounced by some claiming to channel disembodied entities because they’re too cowardly to name it as their own philosophy. Or some other story we tell ourselves like children afraid of the dark, as we stubbornly insist that we’re not miserable and are joyous in our misery.

So turn on symbolic lights and pray. No more darkness now. Praying together wherever you are and with whoever you are openly among the stars. Hold a hand or touch each other’s shoulder or arm and take a moment daily. You don’t have to believe, you can be strangers, you can even pronounce that you dis-believe first, and do it anyway.

Wisdom for our humanity must be taught, guided, and learned by us all. There is nothing else to bring to a new shared table. Our legendary sage Gandhi knew this, became famous fighting for civil rights for all and was killed for it (also by way of a gun), as he spoke of non-violence, as well as when it is appropriate for violence (he was a proponent of violence under certain circumstances, which he patiently explained and taught to his son), that we should take up violence as a last resort if the oppressors leave us no choice, or be perceived as cowards. But this was spoken to ‘the old round table’ he sat at. As did others who sat in, who’ve been writing and teaching for thousands of years. They are of our Wisdom Heritage calling us.

This is not the time of Gandhi. A new conscious vigil is required and a new roundtable where everyone has a seat at the table. Nothing of what applied to the old is applicable to the new. A new 21st century consciousness is not optional, it is our very life as a specie group. What are you prepared to sacrifice in order to learn new Wisdom so that you could become wiser. Your childrens’ lives, and their childrens’ lives, and the labs that will create them in the future in petrie dishes? This cannot be legislated, medicated, or made into ‘new diplomacy rules’. We have crossed a threshold to the beyond. We must first Learn to become wise about how to be Wise. Life is not a game, regardless of what insanity holds a gun or knife to your throat.

We must each find our way like a blind person who has untold capacities yet to be nourished and refined, carefully reaching out to touch one another, and learn to see what is here among us anew, what is here that we can comprehend without shifting blame to anything “out there”, what is new without repeating ‘the old words’ just to hear ourselves preach them, that we can love, that we can Wisely Love. We are one Family Of Humankind in any language, and that “aura” is God’s signature. The rainbow that everyone can see with no words required. We are a rainbow flowing as one great River of Life.

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