Month: December 2012

New Years – Nostalgic Events

Like bow-ties and tuxedos, New Years Eve celebrations are best enjoyed with love, glimmer, glamour, and champaign. ISA VIP clients have always set top trends for bringing in fabulous New Years (anywhere, any year). Their songs, fashions, films, and lifestyles, passionately classical yet iconically diverse, and hotly memorialized. But we cannot drift, or our years…

Holiday Events – 21st century diversity

Even some of our past clients didn’t eat traditional Holiday Meals, and Chefs we refer must create fun, fabulously delicious & festive foods that folks feel fantastic eating, no matter what they prefer. Yes, say that fast! Because that’s how fast at ISA we staff top best chefs to the top best jobs as our…

A Tragedy Event – security jobs

Most of our VIP clients have bodyguards and security jobs specializing in protection of the rich and famous. They come to ISA staffing because we provide best of the best household help and luxury estate staffing, for which we’re famous. High Profile people rarely feel safe with good reason, due to our history of violence….