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I’m making the rounds eating at vegan, vegetarian, and raw food restaurants in Los Angeles and enjoying comparative food trends. At ISA staffing we’re seeing more clients ask for Chefs who have this experience working in households (see job descriptions we place). Below are some places to explore if you’ve not eaten these food styles, which are healthy and delicious. I call them styles of food because like all other cuisine, they have a specified cultural range. Not all of these spots are strictly vegan or vegetarian, but they do have this cuisine substantially included into their menu planning. I’ve been eating raw food for decades, and know that this cuisine actually started long before it became trendy. Although I’m no longer strictly raw, I do include it as a high percentage of my food intake. I’ve discovered that being all raw was not working for me, but everyone’s needs are uniquely different.

Windows Lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel

Windows Lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel

A longevity staple of the golden age of hollywood, in those days, raw steak tartare (filet américain) was considered one of the healthiest meals you could enjoy (still is, in Europe, Mexico, Asia, and by foodies alike). Legend has it that the infamous actress Mae West ate a raw steak daily as the reason for her long life and healthy libido, she lived well into her 90’s. The story told is that Mae had many of the local college football players coming around loving her company. We seem to be moving away from eating animal proteins on the one hand, yet it’s interesting to note that more steak houses open all the time. If you’re into it, you can find raw steak and tuna tartare served in the bar lounge at The Four Seasons on Doheny, Beverly Hills.

Raw Planet

Raw Planet in Santa Monica

Whatever your food preferences are, vegan and raw are a fast growing lifestyle that Chefs need in their repertoire. Our clients look for Chefs who have a widely expert cooking range and top references, and if you do, we’d love to help you find that dream job. Meanwhile check out these places and their variety, not all high end or fancy fare, but a good representation of local eats in these food trends.

1. Cru (Silver Lake) – Inspired vegetarian/vegan/raw, Cru menu offers raw healthy food that’s also beautifully plated. Also see Classes at Cru.
2. Real Food Daily (West Hollywood) – The organic vegan favorite menu attracts vegetarians and some who aren’t, including a diet-conscious VIP cliental. See more
3. Flowering Tree (West Hollywood) – This casual café menu is jam packed with organic vegetarian and vegan choices, and for the carnivores, fresh meats from family farms.
4. Vegan Glory (Mid-City West) РVegan Thai fusion in this corner caf̩ located at a small strip mall has valet parking, and modestly priced menu.
5. M Cafe de Chaya (Beverly Hills) – A spin off of Chaya (Beverly Hills, Venice, and San Francisco), this gourmet modern inspired by macrobiotic menu is by world renowned Chef  Shigefumi Tachibe. M can quickly become an obsession that many of our clients favor. This modest cafe setting takes it higher with great reviews.
6. Inn of the Seventh Ray (San Fernando Valley) – Long considered a romantic date rendez-vous, this famous Inn provides vegan, with a variety of organic meat and meat-free options, and alcohol-free wines. More about their Chefs history and their menu.
7. Real Raw Live (Hollywood) – Serving organic raw smoothies, raw and vegan concoctions, including Master Cleanse in a bottle to go, they specialize in a 5 day raw food cleanse and a 3 day organic juice fast.
8. Seed Kitchen (Venice) – Chef Eric Lechasseur’s inspired Japanese fusion vegan and macrobiotic menu centers on ecological sustainability. Eric takes it seriously and practices what he supports and believes. Eric’s seed sweets are client favorites available ready to go as boxed gifts.
9. California Vegan (West Hollywood) – A variety of organic wraps, curries, and specialties keeping with their Thai roots delivered to your front door in West Hollywood and Santa Monica locations.
10. Planet Raw (Santa Monica) – Renowned raw food Chefs Juliano and Ariel created a 100% organic raw vegan food spot unlike any other, including the beautiful organic floral bouquets with petals sprinkled on food. They also offer raw food classes with certification in a crash 18 hours course (they guarantee!) see raw vegan food

11. Inaka Seafood Gourmet (Hollywood) – This Macrobiotic centered cuisine called Chef’s Table, is presented by Executive Chef Niki Nakayama, with an ever changing menu that reflects the seasons. The 8 course tasting menu has limited seating so make reservations ahead. Read more…
12. Mani’s on Maple (Beverly Hills) – Newly opened at former Maple Drive restaurant location, Mani’s offers American wholesome food and bakery. The menu tries to include organic ingredients whenever possible into their alternative bakery offerings. It’s an oasis in Beverly Hills in a residential and business area with a full bar, including serving Margaritas sweetened with agave nectar.

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