VALENTINES DAY – Romantic Dinners

little chocolate hearts in a bowl for Valentines Day would be perfect to share and have left over

little chocolate hearts in a bowl for Valentines Day would be perfect to share and have left over -- if you could resist eating these delectable delights...

At ISA we place some of the best Chefs in the world to work in homes. Many of them are not only incredible food chefs but also have the dessert finale down cold. Admittedly for many, chocolate has become one of those foods (along with ice-cream) people worldwide will confess as being their “addiction of choice”, which means they actually have no choice but surrender to its mysterious potency and addictiveness that soothes the soul.

pucker up

pucker up

We’re fast approaching Valentines Day, the very day my husband asked me to marry him. That instantly endeared him to me (since it was done casually as we were walking a quiet beautifully tree lined path in the hushed shadow of dusk). He suddenly stopped, and asked, romantically adding that I didn’t have to answer him then, but anytime, he would be ready. It was our first date. We’ve been celebrating romantic Valentines Engagement Day since as a wonderful remembrance.

The talent some folks have to express their passion with chocolate is so historically true, my TIP for today is share a day with your love inventing romantic stories with chocolate as a central theme, for Valentines Day, or any day. If you haven’t already, see the movies Like Water For Chocolate, or Babettes Feast, wonderful presentations of romantic love and passion meals.

chocolate baby cupcakes

chocolate baby cupcakes

So have your Valentines Day experience (and just ignore the commercial stuff part of it) as a day that may include chocolate, figs, for some its oysters, or other delights like those Robin Wright recommends in the New York Times romantic dinners list, which gives a slide show of possibilities.

One of my favorite desserts to make is a rich raw-cream vanilla ice-cream sweetened with honey and crystalized ginger bits, served with melted hot fudge chocolate, fresh whipped cream and other wonderful condiments. Find one you and your loved ones mutually enjoy to inspire you this Valentines Day.

Make sure you consume Fair Trade chocolate that’s also organic if you do indulge. Organic chocolate manufacturers usually deal with Fair Trade when purchasing ingredients for production. Send us your Valentines Day food and dessert favorites. We’d love to hear from you and Tell A Friend about our website, blog, and TIPS.

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