Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee

The Royal Family relaxed and celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, a Royal Party event watched by millions as a memorable spectacle that went on for three days.

Queen Elizabeth II official portrait for her 60th anniversary ascension to the throne

We saw a spectacular public luxury event as millions watched with mixed feelings during times of escalating inequality. The ‘spare no expense’ celebration of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. The Queen is now only three years shy as the longest reigning Monarch after Queen Victoria. While she lives in England, and is primarily associated with Great Britain and some of  The Commonwealth, she holds the title of Queen separately and equally in all sixteen countries.  This Monarch agrees with breaking tradition, or we would not be seeing the sweeping changes already being implemented.

ISA staffing predicts Queen Elizabeth will continue with robust health for years to come and break more records, but also understood is that the monarchy must transform. History is a profound dimensional field not facts and figures. Freedom isn’t controlled by economics. There are those enslaved by their wealth just as equally mad as those who are poor. (and efficiency is not the driving force of innovation, or the creative imagination, despite MBA degrees touting that policy). Apprenticeship is still irreplaceably important to refine our skills in any sector of our society, and then the question comes who were you guided by.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

ISA staffing assists our clients with quickly changing directions and setting their own trends. Our clients are VIP high profile individuals including Royal Families living here and abroad. Because of our renowned International domestic help expertise and clients who foster and seek to provide the ultimate innovation in their respective fields, we’ve seen changes come fast and escalating. We’ve participated and given advice for much of the cutting edge as it was rolling out.

Luxury living with privileges that come from being wealthy is hotly debated by those who have and those who have not, and those who aspire to it or have it thrust upon them. In a world where every dollar is being sucked up for ‘more consumerism’ we’re seeing dreams crushed and dreams come true equally made tragic. We have seen ‘rich and powerful today, gone tomorrow’ from the beginning of our establishment.

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The Royal range fine bone china commissioned for Buckingham Palace

Innovative Cuisine is a high Art, and fine dining for peak celebration occasions requires pulling out all the stops. To celebrate the glamorous occasion of a Diamond Jubilee (a Royal reign from 1952- 2012) the Royal collection commissioned a range of fine bone china. Opposing Philosophies question whether extravagant spending is wise during tuff economic times. A good question to ask is would the world be minus a value, if these exquisite arts and crafts people become extinct. It undeniably would so let’s stop arguing about spending as if luxury has no purpose. Humans on Earth have built and embellished the most exquisite architecture and artifacts possible to imagine. Other than the gypsy tradition most humans would trade with wealth rather than remain being poor. Dreams of success and great wealth continue to set standards of refinement to inspire quality living. And the philanthropic spirit that is American is uniquely its own.

While a quality lifestyle is pursued by Americans to open opportunities this country continues to provide, it requires refined discernment and appreciation how we got here. Without a deeper meaning we become a vacuous madhouse that turns into imploding compulsive consumerism. We risk a total collapse of our humanity driven by greed. The ‘best and brightest’ younger gens do not come from traditional values. There is also no “going back” to anything of the 20th, and despite how nostalgic we may be for old school elegance and well ordered structure, our world is dissolving. As the served axiom states: without a new vision, the people perish.

arriving at the river the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Great style helps immeasurably (we all well know), and I write about and more with TIPS giving Our Best Advice. For the Royals to remain popular requires a critical PR endeavor that demands the height of expertise, and sensitivity to layers of challenging complications.

The Royal Family has undertaken to break with tradition. As the Duke of Wales ages his style has improved, and so did his popularity. He was also one of the earliest proponents of organically grown food and organic gardening, now pursued by millions worldwide.

This family endured tragedy the entire world shared. A new fresh style was brought in by the Duchess of Cambridge, and we see that Kate’s popularity soared, as did Prince William’s for marrying her. They waited until each was more mature while they are also bucking tradition to set their own course. William was and remains greatly inspired by his mother. It was a visionary Diana who set new trends, who paved a new way in England, just as a young Jackie Kennedy did in her time despite both coming from privileged backgrounds, and not remotely close to what most women experience in their lifetime. The mystery surrounding these families remains and continues to intrigue with more questions of how we seek to govern ourselves than any other aion of our past.

We are not going to have a traditional structure in the 21st century. A powerful and wise feminine stream leadership is here in an entirely new mode. To face adversity from abroad such as Queen Boudica of Scotland encountered, great courage was imperative. She was a woman of formidable talents who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire and succeeded, which no other monarch could do. In fact, the Romans built a wall to contain her in Scotland! We must sustain our ability to have a viable future, which remains within our personal responsibility to mature and create. This is a duty of our humanity, not a privilege. How will you be in the future when robots have taken over most human tasks, not to mention the challenges we currently face? Billions of people must ‘retool’ to have a new purpose for their existence.

Let us also not forget that Queen Elizabeth dutifully takes on 400 events annually, without a break, no small feet of discipline for anyone in their zenith years. She provides a stream of leadership that isn’t transient (as we see with political office conditions), but what does it mean in a Space Age when we are already speaking of multidimensional hyperspace.

The Queen’s great affection for her grandchildren is well known, and she openly enjoys their opinion. At 86, when others are already well set in their ways, she agreed to experiment with her own style. It resulted in a breakthrough Royal Rock & Roll party, with Elton John leading celebs honoring the monarch from both sides of the Atlantic. Air out those dusty traditions, retire them once and for all. Liberation from ‘tradition’ is at hand, and we’re assured that even the Queen is standing with aching feet from working too long and hard, yet she does it with royal grace trained to uphold in face of everything no matter how stressful.

Kate's admirers at the Jubilee

Nothing is done without the Queens approval first, including how the Royal Party will be dressed for coordinated color schemes. Clearly she thought red was clever for Kate. What should be retired permanently is mean spirited negative press. British media tends to be regressive in their opinions, while the Americans embrace ‘everything and anything’. Media doesn’t set trends, visionary people do, and those who generate their own creative passion don’t follow trends (they live to please themselves as they prefer). The message was clear. Stop the nonsense.

Ask the younger gens what they thought of the Queen’s Jubilee  (it helps considerably to have a 3-day awesome Royal Party few could top). The consensus following change in England declared Kate’s Royal Party outfits beautiful. Kate and the Queen rocked it out of the Jubilee park. I’m partial to blush lavender gloves with the blush mint green hat (and that sublime white one the Queen wore, ok, tuff to decide..), but it was her amazing Royal elegance and exemplary unsurpassed Royal experience that was brilliantly palpable. This is a monarch who gives lessons to everyone in how to outwit newcomers and hold her reign with seamless adaptation.

the Wow factor as Fireworks shoot into the night sky high above Buckingham Palace, and the thousands of onlookers gaze in breathless awe during the Jubilee concert

We have yet to see how the younger leadership social set does. As things pivot to a multidimensional world it would do them all immeasurable good to learn of our chivalric noble stream. Imagine a world without cultural refinement that succumbs to mediocrity and ‘rule by the mobocracy’ (or unknown entities yet to be understood), and you get the picture. The failure of our leadership (worldwide), and the media’s inability to truthfully acknowledge how bad things are, is symptomatic of denial and apathy. However, the human spirit is unwaveringly Royal and we are that beyond blood lines. While there are wonderful new innovative startup companies popping up we also need more wisdom to come with them. Politics is not the answer to our ills, we must all transform. Strategically, I’d say Queen Elizabeth still did an end-run around them all, but more is yet to come. Contact us at ISA.

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