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a woman carries her child after the Oklahoma Tornado. Photo courtesy of AP

A woman carries her child after the Oklahoma Tornado. Photo: courtesy of AP

At ISA we know that after each national disaster Job Opportunities are impacted. Things slow down as people seek greater understanding of breaking news reporting on devastating events. Our hearts reach out to Oklahoma, and many of us feel that no words could express our sorrow for their loss. We felt the same during Sandy among other emergency disasters not just on our shores, but also occurring abroad. Americans travel, and we need to be prepared everywhere.

Oklahoma is a devastating national tragedy that every parent dreads (to be cut off from their children). It’s the teachers who once again are the heroes, throwing their bodies to cover and protect the kids under their care. My concern extends to how we can do better in our domestic help field. Working in Household Help Jobs often includes care of children and infants or housekeeper-childcare services that overlap.

Graphic1Among other things Nanny job descriptions require caring, teaching, guiding, and protecting children. It’s a job that needs to include greater awareness inclusive of possible national emergencies. TIP: Check with and support your local FEMA and Red Cross, and take their preparedness programs to better equip yourself. Sign up for updates. Include your volunteer work on your resume, and if you’re already on a Job, encourage Parents to become involved with FEMA programs along with other local government agencies in your area. Offer your volunteer work at Fire Departments that hold voting days. Encourage people to vote for disaster relief support.

If you’re in Los Angeles there is a way to help people working at the L.A. Mission, Goodwill, local schools, food banks and food pantries, hospitals, and other community outreach programs. If your resume does not already reflect your volunteer work, start to include some. People are greatly encouraged when we’re helping each other. A kind word and thoughtful action goes a long way.

Where we live the threat of earthquakes is real. We are required to have 72-hour emergency packs. Most people say they’re prepared but forget to follow through. Have you prepared your pack? Do consult with your Employer to also prepare for the children you work with. We need to take courses how to provide safety to others and ourselves simultaneously. Fortunately, we’ve never had an earthquake that required us to use a 72-hour pack.

Zoe Saldana volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission

Zoe Saldana volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission

Learning is perhaps our greatest asset. We have conflicting reports about what’s causing climate change. A recent report causing a furor confirmed that over 90% of all related science reports proves climate change is caused by humans. The report stated that amazingly (a word they used), despite this known fact, a small percentage of scientists still argue their doubt – and that the rest of the scientists worry the public believes them. The article was referenced in the science magazine Nature. Nobody can argue a 20-foot wide Tornado was an anomalous event. All we need do is look at China with their air pollution and the argument whether that’s a man-made event, becomes moot. Tornados in Tornado Alley were far smaller and caused greater damage. See more on world Tornadoes of 2013.

We need to always be looking forward into the future. Americans bring some of the greatest disaster relief expertise, going overseas (often at their own expense) risking to volunteer assistance to others. They put their lives on the line domestically too, giving the same generosity of support that we’re famous for. Early warnings was some of the reason for the low loss of life in Oklahoma. Too much heartbreak for people who lost loved ones. Situational aspects cannot truly be covered when an event of this magnitude occurs.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

People and businesses came forward to spread their love and hope for Oklahoma. Acts of heroism and kindness emerged for people to be reunited. To rebound from such events will take dedicated thoughtful care and effective communication, not panic reactions and inflammatory news mongering. Operating hand-in-hand will help bring a thriving community back on its feet a year from now. Talk to one another about things you’ve learned, and how to improve our local and federal assistance programs. Small local programs can have huge net impact.

Keeping our spirit strong is most important and a lifelong endeavor. As we move into challenges of the future our prayers are with Oklahoma, and with all people everywhere who’ve endured loss. Each of us finds our own way to pray and/or give thanks. We are one human family. We emerge better together, so Share the wealth of your love freely.

We value, thank you, and appreciate your support and patronage!

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