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natural care for pets

natural care for pets requires reading ingredients

Our clients have  always loved animals, many working tirelessly for their safety, rescue, preservation, and better pet care. It’s difficult to write about pet products because new ones come out yearly with allegedly improved ingredients and knowledge of what’s optimal for four legged friends. We’re seeing more animals develop allergies, just as humans are doing, (with children leading) due to environmental, food, water, and diet toxicity. Demand safer products.

Despite fad diets and trends there are certain products touted as pet friendly. Try natural dog grooming products from Cyber Canine you may already know about to test on your pet. They’ve been around for a while and went into business after Sevi (the owner) had her dog Mundo, fall terribly ill from a carpet product without realizing the ramifications to animals. If a strong German Shepherd can get so sick, imagine a baby crawling on floors and what exposure cleaning products utilized for floor care could cause.

TIP: Many people stay away from commercial products and instead choose good old fashioned baking powder for most cleaning jobs. More on baking powder cleaning in our TIPS sitemap. We need to be careful how animals respond to pet products whether ingredients are organic or natural since some animals react to any product. Whichever product you use, if it’s a spray, mix well and apply away from head (ear, eye, nose) area always. While we know that less ingredients used may be better (simple formulas are easier to track for their effect) use those without synthetics and remember that the quantity recommended might still trigger an adverse response, and doesn’t necessarily make it a sustainable product to purchase. Test your animal products the same way you do on your own skin, carefully and sensitively.

sustainable TIPS for pets and the planet

sustainable TIPS for pets and the planet

In Carol Frischman’s new book, Pets and the Plant: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Pet Care, there are endless TIPS and wonderful information to discover. Frischman is a zoo educator, wildlife rehabilitator, and science teacher who helps make the pet-to-planet connection with a realistic route to sustainable pet parenthood. Buy her book for your pet care library, and as a gift to your boss or others who have animals. Pet care products are not one size fits all (any more then products for humans are) and size of the animal does matter. Send us your recommended pet products, Tell A Friend about our website and blog, and have a great pet friendly day!

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