Image: Doug Jones, of artist Anna Hepler at her Fore St. studio

Image: Doug Jones, of artist Anna Hepler at her Fore St. studio

Compelling images and forms by Anna Hepler (installation artist), prompted me to blog for our ISA staffing jobs re organizing while dealing with plastics. Helpler is intrigued by plastic. Her first stop was Home Depot, for sheets of plastic she could rip up, then forming them into various sizes and shapes. But as she worked on the project she started hearing about the floating landfill in the Pacific Ocean. “It was insane to think about buying virgin sheet plastic and adding to the problem,” she said. “So, I headed to my local salvage yard instead and managed to get more than half of my materials in one run.” Since creating the structure, named Gyre measuring approximately 45 feet long by 15 feet wide (at Center for Maine Contemporary Art, where the exhibit was on display) Hepler continued to work with recycled plastics. “Plastic’s color and translucency had always fascinated me,” she said. “And once I embark on work with certain materials, I like to see where it takes me.”

Many of our clients are already deeply concerned about sustainability, devoting their time and money towards green projects, some hiring organizers among other services we offer to go through their homes for greening it up. TIPS – if your employer doesn’t take recycling into consideration on your job, or you must use plastic in your daily work or home environment (and don’t if at all possible), absolutely insist on recycled plastic. Gyre is named after the horrendous Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This garbage patch swirls 1000 miles from the California coast in a convergence of currents known as the North Pacific Gyre. Trash floats towards the gyre, gets sucked into the calm center of the vortex, and accumulates there. Decades of non-biodegradable plastics washed into the ocean from Asia and North America are pulled into this huge eddy, forming a floating landfill about the size of Texas.

GYRE opening in Rockport, Maine

GYRE opening in Rockport, Maine

Other ocean gyres scattered across the globe have similar marine wastelands at their centers. Scientists have traveled to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to study chemical interactions between marine life and the debris to test methods of collecting the trash. It is a daunting compilation that dismayed even the heartiest of scientific research towards figuring out how to disperse it without harming marine life.

Helpler art

Anna Hepler art from Intricate Universe set

Please, keep this in mind when using or purchasing plastic, which winds up in our landfills and the fragile oceans sustaining us. Hepler’s art is profound with images pushing space relationships to the things in our lives we take for granted, scaled to intrude upon our presumptions of what’s acceptable whether fashionable or not.

See Helpler’s video and click on other snips after its over for more of her wonderful work. Enjoy our GREEN TIPS at home and send them to others, Tell A Friend that before she concentrated on using large plastic sheets Hepler found “…it would be interesting to incorporate smaller scale every day plastic into the mesh,” as well as more locally-recognizable items like regional grocery store bags. Her exhibit Great Haul will be on display from July 24, 2010 to October 17, 2010 at the museum in Portland, Maine.

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