New Years Day 2013 – Events

Yves St. Laurent smoking suit 1966

Humans are spiritual beings who are also intensely social creatures. We passionately enjoy special Events. Conscious spontaneous ‘choreography’ is required far more than merely planning, which separates Best Of The Best from the rest. At ISA we refer Top Chefs for the best jobs our VIP clients give us among other Best Job Opportunities. Job descriptions that require top expert household help. Expert Chefs who love to serve fabulous healthy food and drinks, who also make great nutritious foods for children. They’re also able to invent a solution to unexpected challenges (like sudden extra dinner guests with pets and an entourage). 

TIP: Breathing (taking a deep breath such as Ujjayi breath), is your first step. People still “trend image” and some are solely reliant on fashion to sell themselves. One image is the ‘cool’ character, a slippery trend that shifts spontaneously. We all know that something that was cool yesterday is suddenly uncool today. Like smoking, a growing trend, (I’m a former smoker who quite in my twenties so this is not intended to be preaching), with second-hand smoke adversely affecting children. Or mindlessly consuming questionable foods like GMO that children are also exposed to daily in their schools. These are facts of harmful impact (do the research online and you’ll quickly see for yourself). Forget promoting an image that promotes unhealthy living, there’s nothing cool about it (our survival is at stake). Know that your behavior affects them, and that children have different needs unique to their growth. 

Ancient Buddhist Statue

TIP: Share and keep sharing Information. Like the fact that autism is spreading among other disorders primarily in the west, in the English speaking countries. ADD and HDAD or OCD are rapidly increasing. I ran across a neurologist doctor, who wrote a book (about healing the gut via a GAPS Diet) showing this can be cured or greatly improved. See more about GAP here, and listen to Dr. Mercola’s interview with Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride. I’m not promoting their beliefs or diets (thought they seem quite worth trying), this is in the interest of exploring possibilities that might be of help. People make new resolutions and perhaps this is relevant for yours.

There’s a new love story circulating. As a TED video posted by an artist showed, younger gens are reaching out across borders and religious beliefs in hopes of finding peace. All it took was one person not waiting on his government. Practice Love, you can’t stop it.

Many of our clients are on vacation taking yachting breaks and due to confidentiality we don’t name them. Bringing quality time to everything they do requires a staff that does too. Some of those jobs require traveling with the Employer. If it’s not best of the best, immediately introduce something to improve the moment. It’s not one day at a time, it’s moment by moment (and beyond). Don’t wait to creatively push things to be at their very best, and always have your humor ready. Appreciate our oceans wherever you go and do keep your carbon footprint in view. Natives will appreciate it, and so will you.

Coco Chanel – photo: creative commons

There is also nostalgia about nostalgia, as people feverishly rush to commemorate ephemeral sartorial days, from casual to formal (suggested or required) for a huge range of events. We love Chanel, who took women out of dresses by putting them into men’s clothing (cross gender was not a term back then cause people were just free without making a big deal out of it constantly), forever ending imprisonment of female side-saddel (among other sexy freeing things).

She forged her own vision and laid her own path against others who opposed and criticized. Her message was clear: don’t live vicariously and be your own original freedom. There has been a growing trend to become ‘ugly deliberately’. Create your beauty-full world, rather than blame memories you’re clinging to. As the brilliant acting coach Stella Adler taught, get over it. It’s a new year.

Fantisek Kupka – Image courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington

Anything goes in 2013; we remember artists who’ve bravely insisted on new directions. Raise a toast to them as our forerunners. They created the world we live in today, often with great personal sacrifice and unimaginable travail. None of this would have been possible without them. If you’re in New York or passing through on your way back from vacation, go see MOMA exhibit on abstraction to enjoy art that transformed the world, and our Spirit with it. See the Holocaust Museum in Washington, and then see The Scream by Munch (a lifetime opportunity). Take your friends, children, with you. Human suffering has been with us since the beginning. One of the best books I ever read was I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. This may seem low for a New Year event, but it’s about being grateful, not forgetting the past.

Yves St. Laurent portrait

It was a young St. Laurent who originally made the smoking suit popular for women everywhere, by introducing his own original everyday style (inspired upon Channel’s). I share passion with Yves St. Laurent and his conversation with Art, who inspired me significantly in my youth.

Our celebrity clients know it’s important to explore roles and reinvent ourselves (often). Best of the best Staffing is always done with expert unsurpassed quality, as ISA is famous for. Original Art is not derivative. It’s not about copying randomly, as we’re seeing increasingly fill our museums. Original means a new vision. Fashion, including your jeans and t-shirts, are costumes. We come famously naked so let’s not argue, (just smile).

Another highly inspirational place to visit would be going to the American Visionary Art Museum. Explore and appreciate remarkable self-taught artists, and perhaps also volunteer your time there. Founder/Director Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, is another visionary with a great art philosophy to study.


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