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DieselZilla planting a tree on Earth Day 2010

College students built DieselZilla planting a tree on Earth Day 2010

At ISAstaffing we wholeheartedly support meaningful projects Nannies can do with their Childcare for any age group. TIP – Support programs for tree planting. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on about the environment, trees are a welcome addition to any landscaping or sustainability efforts. It’s a great weekend project to undertake with children for a Nanny or Housekeeper Childcare provider. Parents should get involved with this important drive because we know kids copy and emulate the adults around them. DieselZilla is a wonderful robot built by students in the American River College clean diesel program, their project to help plant a tree for Earth Day at the former Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento, California.  “The trees symbolize the Air Force Real Property Agency’s commitment to environmental restoration,” said Robert Moore, AFRPA director.

Denis Hays, the creator of Earth Day, is also the Chair of Earth Day 2010 Global Advisory Committee. The Air Force Real Property Agency officials coordinated a drive known as Trees Across America, an initiative with a twin mission of restoring and recycling property at closed Air Force Bases. They’ve conveyed more then 76,000 acres of surplus Air Force property to benefit the public, and to optimize their assets such as runways and other infrastructure to strengthen local economies, jobs, and commerce.

Earth Day celebrates its 40th year. The current recession has hit these areas hard but the effort to attract new businesses and public uses like colleges, aerial firefighting support, public safety training and distribution centers continues. By 2012, another 10,000 acres will be conveyed into public ownership.

Trees were planted all across the country to provide shade, beauty and oxygen for those living and working in these communities and elsewhere. As a worldwide event held in 180 countries, Earth Day folks planted trees or supported organizations that did it for them.

Treehuggers confirmed the drive to plant trees was a major success and Earth Day still enormously relevant. Trees are recyclable and provide habitat including cleaning our environment and supplying the oxygen we need. Hybrid poplars help clean toxins out of landfills through a process known as phytoremediation. Share Treehuggers GREEN TIPS. Teach children about their local environment and the importance of trees, including whether we should use paper or plastic (if at all).

Paper Bags or Plastic Bags? Everything You Need to Know

Weeplant mini trees to plant

Weeplant mini trees to plant

Another great online store is Weeplant, a Californian company built on green consciousness through a positive symbol, a real tiny plant that you can take care of. Perfect for EVENTS you might be hosting or chairing as a fun novelty, or community school drives. From the very beginning, Weeplant has contributed to the reforestation of our planet by participating into a worldwide program developed by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), and has developed a partnership with American Forests. Besides its involvement in reforestation projects, the company’s priority is to make sure their production and logistics process respect sustainability rules. Tiny tree holding capsules are made with recyclable plastic.

All plants are grown in the USA with no chemical pesticides. The species grown and commercialized in the USA are all respectful of the CITES rules (endangered species protection chart).

Porcupine Fish
Porcupine Fish

We’re happy to report that on Earth Day Disney also chose to debut their documentary “Oceans.” The photography in Disneynature’s Oceans (their followup to Earth) is absolutely breathtaking and shows our underwater world with beautiful clarity. It opens by presenting the sheer power of the ocean, then begins its trek into the vastly different life forms that call Earth’s ocean their home. See our gallery of ISAstaffing clients for more on Walt and Roy Disney. A portion of each ticket sold during the film’s opening week will be donated to the establishment of new marine protected areas in the Bahamas, through an initiative with The Nature Conservancy Plant A Billion Trees called: “See Oceans, Save Oceans.”

We can also proudly say that Los Angeles is ranked first in the country with the most number of ENERGY STAR rated buildings. A cost saving of $93 Billion dollars in 2009 alone. See the top 25 Cities rated chart, and for in-depth information on more Energy Star TIPS visit

A Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

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