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My nephew loves scrabble (he beats everybody at 12), but he’s also fussy about food so I’m combining this post to encourage organic food for kids through Home Grown Gardens. Listen to Natural health physician and www.Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola discuss the numerous benefits and importance of home organic gardening. For some time now we’re seeing that many of our Clients at ISA offer Job descriptions to Chef’s who are familiar with healthy diets, who also have skills with maintaining organic gardens and container grown vegetables and herbs. Benefits include food on hand for emergency preparedness and working with our youth, as FEMA also advises.

TIPS from a CHEESLAVE is fun to read how this mother advises a wide range of sustainable agriculture with a twist. She’s having her healthy cake and her child is eating it too. In this climate of “busy”  few believe they’ve got time to make their own, but Anna Marie makes it quick, delight-full and easy to follow. If what constitutes a healthy diet for you are the latest trends here’s a quick guide from Natural Health blog.

Christie Brinkley at 58 growing herself fit creatively

Having control what goes into the recipes and food you consume is key. Or as the wonderfully fit and inspired Christie Brinkley at 58 puts it about her healthy indulgence: I have a red truck and I will fill it up with every blooming plant in the nursery.” I know the feeling of irresistible gardening and my husband is passionate about it. Do it with friends and family.

Purchase organically grown starters and get your gardening going today (it’s always a good time to begin), and inspire your neighbors to do the same. A great way to ensure there is food during a power outage in your area (the notion that we’re not seeing alarming global weather changes is called denial). TIP: conserve water by understanding irrigation, don’t leave it to your gardner or landscapers. Many don’t know the best advice is that the most common cause of poor results isn’t watering too little it’s watering too frequently.

Over the years we’ve been privileged to experience Chefs bringing samples of their favorite recipes (oh how we love this!) and witnessed a huge change in cuisine to be fresh (preferably plucked just before prepping a meal). They mix home garden bounty with the best ingredients purchased from locally grown farmers and shop farmers markets within a 50 mile radius. Lingering with them for good-eats gossip and tips is one of our favorite pastimes.

TIP: Make a quick fresh pesto sauce from chopped cilantro, raw pistachio nuts, and garlic. If you don’t wish to have cheese (some people are vegan or dairy sensitive) simply flavor with EVO, fresh lemon and herbs from your garden with a bit of jalapeño for heat, then spoon over thinly sliced tomatoes or avocado tucked into butter lettuce leaves layered on a plate like an open lotus. Takes minutes to prep and the rest of your container grown tomatoes can go into sauces, raw soups, juicing, and sharing with neighbors. Or use this healthy quick summer squash recipe from the New York Times.

Enjoy our TIPS and Our Best Advice, and send us yours!

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