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pomegranate juicing in Instanbul's farmers market

pomegranate juicing in Istanbul's farmers market

Some brace for Cyber Monday and some of us dream of other adventures. Like using unexpected raw fruits with holiday meals that last from ThanksGiving until New Year (any excuse to celebrate), which I do spontaneously, like adding pineapple with pomegranate to the mix. ‘poms’ disappear around January, take advantage while they’re available (and also makes a great gift basket theme). Pomegranates have high sugar content so add them to other fruits~veggies for easing up on sweet juicing. Fresh is best but on the rush there are great Pom products (we don’t get paid for any endorsements and I make them freely without input).

A Vegan Raw Pineapple ripening tip reminded me of my Bali days. I’m sensitive to pineapple. To prevent unhappy tongues home-ripen the pineapple by doing the following (use more than one if making juice for a few people):

Poke holes into the stem end of the skin with a fork or grilling skewers (don’t use your good silver!), put the pineapple end in two inches of water standing in the direction of the sun for a few days. This accelerates a ripening process to loose the blue-green acid condition that turns yellow/orange and then yellow/brown (which is what you’re after). Juice the pulp, and save overnight in your refrigerator to deepen enzyme activity. Drink the juice first thing in the morn on an empty tummy (or add to your juice mixing for added antioxidant boost), a great way to get alkaline hydration. The pulp can be rubbed on your skin to help dissolve lodged oils to move out from your pores (further benefited by dry brushing your skin). You can apply the juice with some raw salt on the skin (or use the juice alone) to dissolve outer layers of dead tissue, exposing the soft layer underneath. A wonderful skin conditioner and great massage enhancer.

pineapple (also called Ananas) seen at its starting stage

pineapple (also called ananas) seen at its starting stage

The story goes that European sailors (like Columbus) were first to find Indians in the Caribbean using pineapple in several remarkable applications. They brought those TIPS home for the ladies (or at least that’s how we tell it at ISA as some of Our Best Advice). Those (very) smart natives used the sweet meat to eat alone and combined with other foods, to tenderize foods (proteins are broken down by pineapple), the juice to soften skin and clean their wounds and remove body-hair (… does that mean no need to wax?), and this wonderful medicine cured an upset stomach. Pineapple bromelain is a known  digestive aid. Piña (meaning pineapple) is also the fiber turned into textile.

Several of our old school clients are owners of major fruit farming enterprises. They take juicing seriously to extend their own health and longevity protocols. Jack LaLanne and Bernard Jensen (among others) were their gurus, who advised many Hollywood actors to stay trim and fit. These clients are captains of industry leaders; successful people who express endless high energy output in continuous travel, work hard on philanthropic projects who are also equally passionate about work in multiple fields (and sitting on multiple Boards giving their time freely), without desire of any retirement. Our younger clients also undertake a Raw Foods Diet at least part of the year, if not completely. Some of them are renowned for extraordinary dedication to raw health.

My mother (who’s not into all raw) and only eats two meals daily (she skips lunch), is among those who’ll be taken holding a phone to her ear helping someone get a job, or quickly covering a client who’s frantic because their Chef became unexpectedly ill the day of an important event. She has unending energy! We provide clients with ‘best of the best’ Staffing Household Help for decades, with our famous expertise running multiple luxury homes and high profile criteria of unique estates. We love giving TIPS as part of our services. Please pass them along.

My father was big on juicing and we grew up tasting his experiments. If you don’t want to use it raw (but do),  you can grill pineapple (a great dessert base), or use it in pomegranate fusion bar drinks to boost alkaline to acid ratios. Add it into your RAW detox protocol as many Chefs love to include for our clients jobs with their ‘secret ingredients’ green drinks. Or try Pomegranate soup. A Mesopotamian dish made from pomegranate juice and seeds added with split peas, mint leaves, spices, and other fresh ingredients (as you prefer). A booster of hearty warmth for fall.

Pineapple and Pomegranates are among what I call golden fruits (worth their weight in gold they’re so good for you). One of my ‘keeping me healthy’ team members I trade TIPS with told me she tested vodkas, to see which would become alkaline and retain its alkalinity if she added her special alkaline water to the vodka. Only two survived the test (and as she put it, the rest was trash). Never argue with someone from a famous vodka producing country, just follow their lead. So if you’re looking for a bar specialty alkaline drink for vodka, add some alkaline water, with fresh pineapple pulp and some pomegranate seeds with a bit of juice, a splash of green tea to taste (optional, sweeten with a bit of agave), shake vigorously, and top with raw chocolate shavings on the foam – and voila!

For a great pineapple salsa I modify a recipe I found at  SAVEUR magazine with fresh seasonal pomegranate. Try it.

Salsa de Piña

INGREDIENTS (makes about 5 cups)

2 cups finely chopped fresh pineapple
½ cup finely chopped fresh cilantro
½ cup fresh lime juice, or fresh pomegranate juice with seeds sprinkled in (will turn pineapple pink)
1 tbsp. cane sugar (or substitute other sweeteners to taste)
2 tsp. celtic sea salt or kosher salt (and adjusted to taste)
4 fresh serrano chiles, stemmed and minced
1 small red onion, minced


Place all ingredients in a large holiday bowl (preferably glass to show off the colorful array), and toss until evenly combined. Let sit at room temperature to meld flavors at least 30 minutes.

Put a little added virtual sun into your winter holidays – and gift everyone Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir to play with your J’bells, or other fav playlists. Eric is amazing. Seeing his video is inspirational, lets your Spirits soar, and don’t forget to sing, sing, sing!

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