The year ending is about celebration with compassion for the travail and anguish many have suffered we must not forget. Do not solely celebrate a religious holiday event you identify with. Although we know our holidays are deeply meaningful for billions, broaden your world to include gratitude based on compassion, without a denominational orientation.

Our TIP for this holiday events season: The Charter For Compassion is an important declaration with membership partners growing worldwide quickly. Originally created out of Karen ARmstrong’s wish after receiving the TED PRIZE in 2008 (she’s the woman narrating the video above), check their site out and get involved. If you’re a Chef or Cook, see if there isn’t some probono work you can do to assist as I know many of you are already doing. Take an action today and add yours to the growing list.

Yves Behar and his team (see  fuseproject) designed a plaque which will be hung throughout the world in secular locations. Detailed in the Charter’s words, the plague’s design is made from sustainable maple in an isometric perspective of a book. The laser engraving and unique iconic design is reflective of Karen Armstrong’s message, hand crafted by Thomas Duffy, a superb designer/craftsman. Even if you order and send it to arrive as a gift after the holidays, you’ll be glad you did. You can email the charter or visit their website for more details.

iconic 1937 film Lost Horizon

iconic 1937 film Lost Horizon

One of my favorite films to watch during the holidays is a classic by Frank Capra, Lost Horizon (see trailer below). It’s a huge heart opener. Whether you watch it with those you love, give it as a gift (makes for a great last minute present), or use it as a meaningful story to serve foods creating a theme around spiritual awakening, take an action to introduce compassion into your life daily.

We are committed at ISA to act compassionately and work hard to find everyone work, getting people back to work, or help find jobs to make ends meet until an ideal one is available. We know some of you are sending money to family’s in some of the hardest hit economic areas domestically and abroad, with many of our clients working hard to assist bringing relief to areas of inhumane conditions worldwide. We share your effort and compassion.

This year I’m using a large vessel filled with evergreen branches along with willow and herbs from our garden in a mode to celebrate winter solstice and all the holidays combined. A large branch that needed to be cut now stands against the wall at the front door as our welcome to guests. After the holidays we’ll recycle it and use dried fragrant leaves thrown into the fireplace. TIP: Make sure not to use candles with a lead wick and burn only beeswax or soy to be eco friendly. We generally don’t use anything but candlelight at night to save on energy, and because it’s simply more beautiful light. The house is warm, the mood “tucked in”, the fire is on, and I like to burn fragrant candles both day and night to set a special experience, a reminder of illumination we all share. We offer our prayers of gratitude and appreciation from all of us at ISA, including to you, as we do daily. Thank You for your patronage, we value you greatly in our lives! Please come visit us in our new location we’d love to chat about jobs with you, or email us at our contact address.


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