FLOOR CARE – Wood Floors

How to care for wood and other floors in the house.

How to care for wood and other floors in the house.

Never use a wet mop on a wood floor since standing water will dull the finish, cause water marks, warping and other damage and discoloration. Use only a slightly damp mop on a wooden floor. Oil soaps will cause a build up on the surface of the floor. If you must use soap when damp mopping, use a neutral pH cleaner specifically formulated for a wood floor. A little vinegar in the water will also help the floors shine and will remove anything that can dull the finish.

Wipe up food, water or any other spilled items immediately to prevent staining or other damage. Once or twice a year, clean the floor with a professional wood cleaning material, or more often if the manufacturer suggests it. To find the material best suited for your type of finish, contact the manufacturer.

The following products should never be used on a wood floor as they will cause damage or dull the finish: ammonia, dust cleaners (such as those touted to clean wood furniture) and other common household floor cleaning products. A humidifier should be used in homes with dry heat to maintain the moisture in the wood and minimize the cracks between the boards. Use furniture leg glides to prevent scratching.

It’s not a good idea to use wax on certain finishes. Also, if you wax the floor too often, it can cause a buildup and dull the shine. If you’ll be re-waxing the floor, buff first. Before waxing, however, check with the manufacturer to be sure waxing won’t damage your particular finish.

Sunlight can cause a wood floor to fade. It’s a good idea to hang drapes, or at least sheer curtains, in rooms letting in direct sunlight. Close and open them intermittently depending on the time of day and how strong the sunlight. Once the sun shines directly onto another area of the house, you can open them again. Do not place heaters directly onto wood floors. The heat causes the wood to dry out. Also, if the heater is turned up too high, it can burn the floor.

Having a wood floor adds beauty to any home. While it does require a bit of maintenance, regular upkeep will preserve a beautiful floor for years to come. Tell A Friend about our TIPS.

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