Farm-To-Table Cocktails

the roquette cocktail

 roquette at Library Bar - photo Matt Biancaniello

The best memories are ones we share, and some of the finest came with mania that typified our American swing era. The world instantly embraced our groove. We’ve gotten some great swing Remix from other countries triggered by nostalgia, evoking top Chefs remix(es) with farm-to-table cocktails, and bar menus dazzling our longing palates (transforming social construction). People are skipping restaurants to dine exclusively at bars as their all-in-one scene. Our Best Advice, try it and love it.

With my cocktails I dream of crudités served with exotic dipping sauces, or farmers market vegetables with burrata style almond cheese (concocted by Angel Ramos at Candle 79). Get this Chefs best rated vegan cookbook (consistently voted best vegan cookbook cuisine, and not just for vegetarians).

We ate raw straight from the garden long before there was a food movement. And I’m big on Traditional Foods too, folks who love healthy ‘back to the future’. Trend driving cooking is all about alkaline-acid ratios. We’re becoming ridiculously over-informed (I remember days when people simply ate!) – For you to know: The pH scale is from  0 – 14  so think of the numbers as: 0 1 2  3  4  5  6  7 healthy 8 9 10 11 12 13 14.

Peggy Lee

Now for fun, Bars are popping up with fantastic variety of seasonal foods. Some of our best Chefs have given a whole new meaning to the words boutique, happy, and cocktail hour (which is anytime, till all hours). Uncover inspired Clues for the best parties and event planning (we love pitstops for free bartender TIPS while sampling advice), and order takeout for romantic afterglow, or play bar-hop as a weekend destination fest (staying local or out of town). Or try featured drinks without alcohol and explore them as fresh savory herbs and spices with exotic fruit~veggies. That mortar+pestle elbow experience with home cooked alchemy inspired best sellers in old school days (and they’d belt out a song a cappella without buds in their ears). Lung power.

Speaking of old school, If you’re in town see Searching For Sugar Man before it disappears back to the mystery from where it came. The original soundtrack by the legendary Sixto Rodriguez is must have. Incredible find.

La Dolce Vita - Marcello Mastroianni & Anita Ekberg

In Hollywood, the Library Bar has gone famous for its curated drinks menu. Head alchemist Matt Biancaniello and his smoking team have a national following at the Roosevelt Hotel. Serving stylish  farm-to-table ‘shmoozing’ (humans love to loudly gossip at watering holes), the drinks are savory lip smacking potions leaving you wanting more in switched on delight (you will hunt for every drop).

There is no limit to nostalgia. We’re seeing “gens-whatever” get real specific when wishing they’d lived during iconic film eras. If you’re a Vespa fan with a longing for black/white passion with your cocktails, Fellini’s masterful La Dolce Vita is the perfect movie for a night at home. And check out track Evenin’ by Julie London, and add to yours Peggy Lee’s Fever smooth Remix.

Just up the street from our office is The Honor Bar at The Beverly Grill,  which features a jazz trio and eclectic bar menu that includes sushi selections with other satisfying nibbles. Try the mango-ahi sushi (wrapped in soy paper) with two dipping sauces and have it with the kale salad (tossed in peanut dressing) — or enjoy deliciously robust hamburger or a vegetarian version, topped with brimming homemade coleslaw, and seductively famous hand cut pappas. Wish they had sweet potato fries with skin lightly left on yum too. Sweet potato is a delicious alkaline food (ok, the fried part..)

Sotheby's tasty treats before an auction

Slow foodies in NY meet up on Tuesdays at Sotheby’s for chefs selections. A highlighted heirloom vegetable auction was offered as the featured event one evening. Before an auction, tastings are prepped and offered to go with regional foods as a theme to match the art. This auction house discovered that providing tasty fare fueled bidding (every free bite helps!) – Or if you’re feeling smoky for fish delivered to your door at either coast, Petrossian offers wonderful house cured North Atlantic Salmon topped with fresh dill to pair with your drinks and cheese tastings – and add some caviar to flavor both. A praiseworthy classic. They have great caviar tastings, take advantage of reduced prix fix.

We forget that homemade spirits were traditionally fermented at home. I recall my father patiently distilling his ‘secret formula’ cherry liqueur (which he magically and devotedly loved into existence from my perspective of awe), as we all waited patiently to taste his dedication at family meals. Look for places that feature unique farm-to-table cocktails from small distillers as an event in itself before theater or concert (scientific grazing adds a touch of daring), or host a tasting party and ferment your own. Distill your own spirit into happy contentment.

If you have top references and experience working in the domestic help field, or you have a job offer requiring the best household help staffing call us or register here. Write us with your best farm-to-table recommends and send others Our Best Advice! Enjoy our TIPS and send us yours.

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