Meryl Streep as chef Julia Child in Julie and Julia. (photo: Sony Pictures)

Meryl Streep as Julia Child (photo: Sony)

Chef Julia Child confided to her diary: “I am sadly an ordinary person . . . with talents I do not use.” Yet she lived a life that revealed her courage to go into the unknown, with dormant talents we refer to as “late bloomer”. Legend Julia Child, was someone who late in life began an adventure beyond the American norm. She escaped into French food. See Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Film Julie and Julia, presents another version of the sublime experience French Cuisine brings to younger gens today.

The 49th printing of her book proves she’s still loved by millions. It’s important to remember how much classical cuisine contributed to creative expression. It is known as the art of cooking after all, once only the privilege of the few wealthy and powerful. With the rise of the middle class, food and cuisine was available through books and schools set up to teach. Over the years, we’ve noted that taste in cooking has changed in staffing not only with our clients (see some of our ISA clients), who hire cooks, cook-housekeepers, and chefs to prepare their food, but cooking also shifted to keep up with trends and lifestyle of the rich and famous for the average housewife– which Julia Child championed. Today, America has some of the best and healthiest restaurants in the world with renowned chefs. But fad diets quickly become tandem to our obsession with longevity, based on conflicting obsessive ideology. Consider that the soul needs to be fed too.

What we put into our food, how it’s processed including how we prepare and grow it may be the true cause that adulterates our health. Not butter or its high fat content, but whether the food is pure. As discovered clinically, low fat diets are quite dangerous. Moderation is a wonderful word. Julia Child did not condone using expensive ingredients in cuisine decoration. She was against throwing away ingredients such as a single sprig of cilantro or three bay leaves used to plate a course not used in actual cooking. Whether you agree with that or not, it’s a terrific film worth seeing.

Julia Child in the kitchen, her favorite place of all

Julia Child in the kitchen, her favorite place of all

Our TIP for today, get Julia Child’s books for your home library or as ebooks, and forget ideology that precludes adventure mixed with learning. But don’t waste food many in our world don’t have. The Joy of Cooking (also the name of Child’s book) brings deep contentment. If you are vegan, you can take classic recipes and creatively transform them to accommodate any dietary needs, which applies to vegetarians too. Cooking is best served not as a fad, or as a trend, but for the love of healthy eating as an Art form. In this age of everyone being so busy, just being busy, varying and increasing your cooking skills tastes good too!

For friends who’ve never cooked invite them over and open a bottle of wine, put on some good music and try some of the easier recipes, together working up to those more challenging. According to my sister Ora, my nephew Jake began eating calamari at five years old. He quickly developed a very sophisticated pallet. At sixteen, he insists on adventuring with food wherever he is in the world, including cooking for his friends. Among the many great gains it provides, cooking is also a great confidence builder.

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